Massot Editions

Founded in March 2017 with the publication of L’Impérial Socialiste by Didier Van Cauwelaert a.k.a Louis Badinguet, Massot Éditions is a generalist publishing house that accompany evolutions in society, whether practical, scientific, or spiritual, and provides the tools to participate in this change. Massot Éditions is directed by Florent Massot, independent editor for 35 years and discoverer of numerous authors in France.  With this new house, he is continuing his lifelong commitment to publishing works that open breaches and build bridges to help everyone get through the world’s crises. He also always aimed to create a space where up-and-coming generations of writers can express themselves. The publishing house intends to publish 20 to 30 titles per year in a variety of novels, essays, and comic strips. The catalogue is multi-facetted, as is current social change. That’s why you will find a range of options from calls to action – like the Dalai Lama’s A Call for Revolution, The Crazy Toad Manifesto, and How We’re Going to Save the World for Climate Justice – to militant-feminist comics and graphic novels, like the “A Different Take on… ” series by the blogger Emma, and Zainab Fasiki’s Hshouma, as well as disturbing texts like Juan Branco’s Crepuscule, co-published with Le Diable Vauvert. But Massot Editions’ books also accompany our inner evolutions, like Malory Malmasson’s Soul Dating, and explore the invisible world: An Alchemist Speaks by Patrick Burensteinas and Go the Way You Don’t Know by Laurence de La Baume. Extraordinary reading experiences are also proposed, from a metaphysical novel (Pascal Bacqué’s two volumes) to a deep-learning textbook, which was translated into French by A.I. These texts will make people think, shake them up, and inspire them.

Books where Massot Editions is the Original Publisher

by Mélanie Body
by Florence Mendez
by Emma
by Marc Eichinger
by Tess Kinski
by Goldi Merville
by Pascale d'Erm
by Emma
by Guillaume Pitron, Jérôme Lavoine, Séverine De La Croix
by Léa Taieb, Juliette Lenrouilly
by Didier de Buisseret
by Marie Dubois
by Marc Arazi
by Sofia Stril-Rever
by Marc Eichinger, Thierry Gadault
by Cyrielle Hariel, Patrice Gascoin
by Marion Chaygneaud-Dupuy
by Cristof Alward-Pitoëff
by Grégory Aimar
by Fiamma Luzzati
by Malory Malmasson
by Frédéric Debomy, Benoît Guillaume
by Margot Montpezat
by Malory Malmasson
by Emma
by Zainab Fasiki
by Marc de la Ménardière
by Emma
by Judith Perrignon, Marie Toussaint
by Thierry Falise, Léa Hybre
by Martine Le Coz
by Pascal Bacqué
by Thierry Falise
by , , Dugowson, Florence & Gomez-Montero, Ivan
by Emma
by Laurence de la Baume
by Emma
by The Dalai Lama, Sofia Stril-Rever
by Pascal Bacqué
by Patrick Burensteinas
by Emma