The Mule and the Boar. Football, Meditation and Adventure!

Original title: La Mule et le Sanglier

Publication Date:

March 2019



Original language and publisher

French | Massot Editions

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Worldwide excl. French


Graphic Novels & Comics

The Mule and the Boar. Football, Meditation and Adventure!

Original title: La Mule et le Sanglier

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On June 23rd 2018, twelve boys and their 25-year-old coach – all on the Wild Boars football team from a province in northern Thailand – disappeared inside the Tham Luang cave system, one of the largest and most mysterious ones in the country. An unprecedented rescue operation involving 10,000 volunteers from Thailand and around the world enabled all 13 Wild Boars to be found 10 days later. They had taken shelter in a room 2 miles from the entrance. It took eight more days for the world’s most-experienced divers and cavers to bring the boys and their coach out, at the risk of losing their own lives. Through these pages we can relive the rescue step by step… all the way to the happy ending!

Selling points:

  • The first comic-book version of this incredible story;
  • Massot Éditions is renown for discovering new talents – see, for example, the success of Emma;
  • All the ingredients for a successful children’s book: football, heroic children, a tale about a princess, ghosts, and more;
  • Ages 6 & up;
  • A story that illustrates the importance of meditation, team spirit and sticking together to get through a crisis.

Léa Hybre is a young illustrator who lives in Paris. She graduated from Ecole Duperré in 2016, and has had illustrations published in magazines like Hobbies and Mode pratiques.

Thierry Falise is a free-lance photo-journalist who has been living in Bangkok since 1991. He covers south-east Asia and India for newspapers from around the world, as well as French television stations. He has written several books about Burma, and is the author of the book that inspired this comic-book version of the rescue tale: Trapped (Massot Éditions).