Let's Talk About Body Hair

Original title: Parlons poil !

Publication Date:

April 2021



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French | Massot Editions

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Worldwide excl. French


Essay, Health & Lifestyle

Let's Talk About Body Hair

Original title: Parlons poil !


Female body hair is undergoing a revolution: celebrities and anonymous women are flaunting their hairy bodies. Instagram has dozens of accounts offering visibility for hairy women and offering a different image of women. Yet female body hair still has a long way to go in terms of public opinion: nearly 80% of French women say they’re against the return of unshaven armpits; the market for depilatory products is booming, and plenty of people still think female body hair is either “virile” or “unhygienic.”

In a nutshell: women have body hair, and in the 21st century, the subject is as complicated as ever. So we decided to talk about it and to understand the issues. To do that, we conducted 2.0 research (surveys, exhibits, blogs) and interviewed specialists: historians, sociologists, psychologists, dermatologists, gynecologists, beauticians, and marketing experts. The 10 thematic chapters of this well-rounded book offer a new and unapologetic point of view.

Foreword by Marion Selin