Every Baby A Wanted Baby… I Want A Baby!

Original title: Un Bébe si je peux

Author: Dubois, Marie

Publication Date:

February 2021



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French | Massot Editions

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Worldwide excl. French and Japanese


Graphic Novels & Comics

Every Baby A Wanted Baby… I Want A Baby!

Original title: Un Bébe si je peux

Author: Dubois, Marie


Marie and her partner are in their thirties: good jobs, good friends, activities they care about and enjoy… The only thing missing in their lives is a baby. After a few fruitless months of trying, they decide to go in for testing. The results show that Marie’s polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) means she is rising in the ranks of the infertile. Nevertheless, becoming a mother is still a possibility, so Marie, as a reporter/comic-book artist, decides it’s a perfect subject to investigate.

What causes infertility, and how many people in France are affected by it? IVF, ART (assisted reproduction technologies), adoption… What are the options? And at what price? How do you manage to be sincerely happy for your friends when they become mothers? What do you tell your friends and family? How do couples survive the ordeal, with its overwhelming uncertainty and intrusive medical advice?

Marie Dubois dives into a touchy subject, starting from her own experience, but not leaving it at that: she investigates, reads everything she can find, and interviews numerous infertile couples. Brimming over with both humor and compassion, this book provides answers and will be reassuring to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation.

Marketing Information

  • A co-edition with Revue XXI (25,000 copies per issue) and a joint promotion campaign that will benefit from their extensive network.
  • A very current topic: 1 out of 6 couples has fertility issues.
  • The instructive contents present the scientific and social issues in a straightforward manner, and the clear drawings make this a book for a wide audience.