Super Cyprine. A Corrosive Vengeance

Original title: Super Cyprine. Une vengeance corrosive

Author: Kinski, Tess

Publication Date:

May 2022



Original language and publisher

French | Massot Editions

Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. French


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Super Cyprine. A Corrosive Vengeance

Original title: Super Cyprine. Une vengeance corrosive

Author: Kinski, Tess


It is a pleasure to read this comic book, which tackles with frankness and courage the fight against harassment, which must be talked about in order to learn and educate, and which talks about cyprine with humour and derision. — Librairie Eureka Street

There is a clear burlesque dimension, which is represented through cabaret. — Friction Magazine

Cyprine is a teenager growing up in a small suburb of Dijon. She likes boys (a lot), athletics and chatting with her friend Sara, and she’s also top of her class – a bright future seems to beckon. Once she has her baccalauréat, she begins to study medicine but her heart is not really in it. And she has a secret that is ruining her life: her cyprine (vaginal fluid) is corrosive: all the men she has touched have had their skin burned and have ended up in hospital. So overnight, she decides to leave her parents, home city and university behind and head for Paris. The young woman works as barmaid in an offbeat cabaret called ‘Mme Joséphine’ in the heart of Pigalle and strikes up friendships with the dancers and night-time artists.

But all alone in the capital, Cyprine is also vulnerable to harassment and violence at the hands of men. Finally, after one insult too many, she decides to make use of her cyprine. Why not use this power she has to avenge women?

Featuring contemporary-style drawings and an appealing imaginary world, this is the coming-of-age tale of a heroine who tries to fight on behalf of women as she carves out her own place in society.

Marketing Information

  • A politically engaged graphic novel that denounces sexual harassment and the daily acts of violence perpetrated against women.
  • The first volume of a series that has all the ingredients for success: the Montmartre district, adolescence and sexual awakening, colorful characters and superpowers.
  • A young illustrator who is a rising star, with lots of followers on social media and a book launch that will be strongly promoted.
  • Massot’s reputation for discovering new talent: after Emma and Zainab Fasiki, they are now publishing the first comic book by this author.