A Different Take On the Climate

Original title: Un autre regard sur le climat

Author: Emma

Publication Date:

May 2019



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A Different Take On the Climate

Original title: Un autre regard sur le climat

Author: Emma


A rigorously accurate book that is sassy and funny too. — Daniel Tanuro

Emma was already passionate about both women’s rights and refugees. And now the popular blogger Emma has taken on climate change. What are the causes and effects of global warming? What is the carbon tax? Based on a range of scientific studies, this introduction to climate change in a comic book makes it easier to grasp the mechanisms at work, as well as possible evolutions in the decades to come.

The book’s purpose is also to show that solutions exist, and that, we can all contribute to them, each of us in our own way. With clear drawings, content that addresses concerns many of us share, and a straightforward message, this book is the epitome of what makes Emma’s comic books so successful.

In a similar style to her earlier books, the comic-book author and illustrator Emma is now taking on climate change.

What causes it? Why aren’t our governments trying to stop it? Can we still do anything about it… and if so, what?

Based on a wide range of scientific studies, the thoughtful commentary and illustrations go behind the scenes, taking an atypical approach to society’s climate history and present situation. A book that enables readers to quickly and easily grasp the mechanisms at work as well as possible evolutions in the decades to come.

This reader-friendly approach provides intellectual tools for standing up to fake news and counter-productive “solutions” — in order to contribute to the changes that are needed through collective action and commitment.

“Until 2010, I was a good little citizen. I went to school, got a job, gave to charity, voted, and sorted my recycling. I saw that the world was going downhill, and I thought it was because of people who didn’t go to school, work, give to charity, vote or recycle.

At age 30, to a certain extent, I became one of those who have been damaged by the system. And I realized that rather than having participated in improving the world I live in, I had contributed to its disintegration.

I began to wake up, politically speaking.

When I started to see the world differently, I wanted to expose what I could see to everyone. So in 2016, I began drawing my thoughts and what I was learning, and explaining the path I’d taken to reach that point.”

This book clearly and informatively addresses a topic that’s currently on everybody’s mind, what with the European elections, the School Strike for the Climate, and more.

Marketing Information

  • Over 15,000 copies sold
  • Excellent sales for the author’s previous books: 100,000 copies sold (total) in France
  • Named one of 20 minutes’ 6 “Women of the Year,” the author has gotten consistently good press

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