Stranger Among the Living

Original title: Étranger Parmi les Vifs

Author: Bacqué, Pascal

Publication Date:

February 2019



Original language and publisher

French | Massot Editions

Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. French


Literary Fiction

Stranger Among the Living

Original title: Étranger Parmi les Vifs

Author: Bacqué, Pascal

  • 2 Seas represents: World excl. French rights

EPIC LITERARY FICTION (second volume in a five-book series)

A book about war, land and what it means to be human

After having established a millennial décor, the monster-book is back. Right now. It makes us test ourselves, our anxieties and absurdities…. in a nutshell, our meaning. A veritable literary world is born. Inspired, awe-inspiring, and… hilarious.

An invitation to the ‘Train Bleu’, the legendary bar in Paris’s Gare de Lyon train station. A diabolically mysterious and fascinating character, Peter Gantyr, has summoned an obscure writer, Pascal B., to meet him there. Gantyr will use Pascal to destroy the world, because the fate of mankind is in the hands of in a few words and a couple of phrases. But there are other forces at work here as well: there’s John “Lucky” Stuart Bute, with his visionary cat, Sir Winston. And there’s music: turf music, web music. And there are brilliant men, like the Double Monsieur, an extraordinary invention of a dual character. And there is the insistent presence of a few ghosts: Ian Bute, Churchill, Tolkien and others. And finally, there’s the Earth itself, which is starting to awaken. Everything is at stake. One more step, and all will be lost… or saved.

The poetical power and extraordinary depth of thought make their way through our daily lives, seen with chiselled clarity. Why does this myth, which touches to the very heart of our lives, tell us more about ourselves than so many fact-based narratives and reports?

Pascal Bacqué is 49. To learn everything about him, read his book – although, that doesn’t mean it’s an autobiography! He has been writing poetry for over 40 years and as an adult he entered the world of Talmudic studies. He has published poetic texts (Imperium, Ode to the end of the World, France, and more) and plenty of articles – he even dabbled in a little teaching, (literature, Bible studies, and Talmudic, conferences, etc.). He has eight children.

Praise for the 1st volume, The War of the Earth and the Men:

Stunning and amazing.— Le Figaro

The epic poet of our era is called Bacqué. — Le Point

This isn’t a book, it’s a symphony.— Jean-François Zygel

An incredible journey through human beings’ eternal questions. — Charlotte Rampling

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