An Alchemist Speaks

Original title: Un alchimiste raconte

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May 2017



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French | Massot Editions

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Worldwide excl. French


Religion & Spirituality

An Alchemist Speaks

Original title: Un alchimiste raconte

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  • Rights sold: Korea (Inner World Publishing), Italy (Edizioni Mediterranee), Russia (Knihnyi Butik AG)
  • Over 12,000 copies sold.
  • Winner of the PRIX ALEF 2018 des Librairies Mieux Être et Spiritualité


Alchemy for everyday life.

Are there still alchemists in the modern world?

Very rare, there are only around ten in a century. Patrick Burensteinas is one of them, but he does not correspond to the classic image of a bearded old man dressed in a violet cape. Trained as a scientist, he has spent years carrying out operative alchemy experiments in his laboratory. First to prove to himself that alchemy doesn’t work, and then because it did. The impossible became possible.

So, does matter have a soul? Patrick’s quest is directed toward an entirely different type of gold. His is a quest for light of metaphysical proportions, in which the Philosopher’s Stone can be found through working on self-alignment. He now wants to bring this state of wakefulness to as many people as possible. After documentaries, conferences and journeys to sacred destinations, big brands now ask him for advice on how to give their products meaning. An art that dates back thousands of years, Patrick wants to place modern-day alchemy at the heart of human society. This book recounts his journey while examining key questions: why are we here, what happens to us when we die, what governs our emotions and how we can turn toward the light of inner peace. A lesson in everyday wisdom brimming with unique character.

While our society is exploring spirituality from all over the world, this book explores a way to reconnect with a form of spirituality that has been practiced in France for centuries.

1. WHAT IS ALCHEMY AND HOW I GOT INTO IT. The main principles of alchemy (black/white/red, salt/sulfur/mercury…). A guided tour of an alchemist’s laboratory. Finding the Philosopher’s Stone and how it changed my life.

2. ALCHEMY: ANOTHER WAY OF LOOKING AT THE WORLD Why are we here and what happens after we die? The real quest behind the quest for gold (searching for unity and light). What happens when we dream? What is non-ordinary reality?

3. ALCHEMY SYMBOLS EVERYWHERE The language of the birds (the hidden meaning of words). A summary of symbols. Alchemy in sacred art and architecture. The Bible decoded and corrected (Noah’s ark, the Flood, the Red Sea and other miracles). Fairy tales and nursery rhymes in light of alchemy symbols. Literature and alchemy (Rabelais, Tintin, The Little Prince)

4. HOW I DECIDED TO APPLY ALCHEMY TO CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY Inventing the Trame (therapeutic method). The royal path (experiencing the Philosopher’s Stone in your own body). The metals. The question of sharing (seminars, travel, disciples…). Everyday alchemy: managing emotions (food, relationships…)

5. PRACTICAL GUIDE Easy operative alchemy experiments to carry out at home. Traditional remedies inspired by vegetal alchemy. Relaxation exercises inspired by the royal path.

Conclusion: find happiness and motivation!

After a first career focused on his scientific systems and information security business, Patrick Burensteinas decided to dedicate his efforts to explaining and sharing traditional sciences. Alchemy is an art that has fascinated him for years, and it became a veritable quest for meaning – a prolongation of physics. He has developed a vibratory therapeutic technique called Trame, along with a new approach in talking about alchemy. He is the author of several successful books on the subject and took part in the documentary series The Alchemy Journey – On the Trail of the Philosopher’s Stone, by Georges Combe. The top expert in alchemy in France today. Hundreds of thousands of people watch his videos on YouTube.