Where Life Will Lead Us

Original title: Où la vie nous conduira

Author: Bonidan, Cathy

Publication Date:

May 2024



Original language and publisher

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Worldwide excl. French


Commercial Fiction

Where Life Will Lead Us

Original title: Où la vie nous conduira

Author: Bonidan, Cathy


About Chambre 128 (Room 128):

A light-hearted, optimistic text that reveals the poetry in daily life and gives readers the strength to cope with life’s trials and tribulations. – Femme Actuelle Senior

A novel that is absolutely endearing and enjoyable, has great humanity and completely avoids clichés. –
La Provence

A very spontaneous epistolary novel.– Point de vue

About Parfum de l’hellébore (The Scent of Hellebore):

This novel’s subtle, sun-drenched scent will bewitch you for a long time. –
Notre Temps

A luminous first story. –
Le Télégramme

A debut novel that won 13 literary awards from both the author’s home region and her readers; a second novel over whose rights the most important American publishers fought (The Lost Manuscript, Saint Martin’s Press, 2021), rights sold in 11 countries… Yet still an author that French readers will be discovering for the first time in May 2024. That’s the Cathy Bonidan miracle!

There are moments in a person’s existence that can change their whole life.

And sometimes, these moments can change several lives at once.

That’s what happens when the famous TV host Bruno Lamy decides to produce an atypical show: a live news program with seven perfectly unknown people in the role of newscasters for a day. Ordinary people who have been chosen by friends and family, unbeknownst to them.

And that’s how two lonely retirees, Louise and Roger, will cross paths with Alix, a single mom who works at an employment office, Romain, a penniless, blasé student, and Justine, who teaches at a children’s hospital, as well as Gérald, a chef, and Jeff, a homeless person. Seven distinct life paths, each with its own hardships and faults. Seven characters who never should have met. Seven people that bump into each other and come together as though it were meant to be. Will they create one big, happy family?

With subtlety and sensitivity, Cathy Bonidan has poured her talent into composing a luminous novel filled with hope, in which friendship and love heal all wounds.

Marketing Information

  • A debut novel that won 13 literary awards from the author’s region
  • A second novel that made two major American publishers fight for the rights
  • An author whose novels have already been sold in 11 countries (USA, Vietnam, Korea, China, UK, Italy, Germany and more) before she caught on in France
  • Appeal to readers of popular contemporary female French authors: Virginie Grimaldi, Mélissa da Costa, Agnès Ledig, Maud Ankaoua