Editions Sciences Humaines

In the 21st century, this is a major challenge for the human sciences: to bring together the pieces of the puzzle into a coherent whole, to put the pieces of knowledge back together, to regain the momentum of the founders while drawing on the rich material of accumulated knowledge and being guided by the problems and questions of today.

Éditions Sciences Humaines ofers readers a state of knowledge in the diferent disciplines that make up the “human sciences” – psychology, communication, philosophy, sociology, history, anthropology, ethnology, education and training, political science, as well as on the various related themes: organizations, the brain, religion, the individual, adolescence, power…

Éditions Sciences Humaines is aimed at all those (students, trainers, teachers, decisionmakers, amateurs and the curious) who wish to understand and know the contemporary world and the people who shape it, through demanding and rigorous works but always guided by the concern to preserve the pleasure of reading and discovery.