Psychology of Stupidity in Love

Original title: Psychologie de la connerie en amour

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November 2023



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Essay, Psychology

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Psychology of Stupidity in Love

Original title: Psychologie de la connerie en amour


The fourth volume in the Stupidity series began in 2018 with the bestselling Psychology of Stupidity (100,000 copies sold (hardback and paperback) – translated into 27 languages) edited by Jean-François Marmion.

Love makes you stupid. But not yet stupid enough. Love is the only form of bullshit that makes life more bearable. An exceptional form of stupidity! Well, up to a certain point… Because when things go wrong, which is very often, the boomerang effect is devastating. What used to console us, save us, give meaning to our destiny, now tortures, disappoints and despairs us more than anything else. What used to magnify existence is killing us. It was a trap! And the stupidest thing about it is that all we want to do is start again. — Jean-François Marmion

Love is everywhere, all the time. It can transport us or annihilate us… and make us very stupid. Through a wide range of subjects, from sex friends to hopeless romantics, from dating websites to long-term love affairs, Jean-François Marmion continues his exploration of stupidity with the help of the great names in psychology, to help us understand – and admit – that it transcends our lives, and even the most seemingly untouchable of all: love.

Contributors: Marie-France Agnoletti ; Philippe Brenot ; Elisa Brune ; Justine Canonne ; Jean Cottraux ; Boris Cyrulnik ; Marion Delorme ; Carine Fernandez ; Catherine Guennec ; Clément Guillet ; Jean-Claude Kauffman ; Véronique Kohn ; Geneviève Krebs ; Lubomir Lamy ; Patrick Lemoine ; Lisa Letessier ; Richard Mèmeteau ; Marc Olano ; François Perea ; Emmanuelle Piquet ; Yves-Alexandre Thalmann ; Anne-Claire Thérizols ; Saverio Tomasella ; Jean Van Hemelrijck ; Avivah Wittenberg-Cox.

Table of contents



In love like idiots Jean-François Marmion

Romanticism is a load of crap! Yves-Alexandre Thalmann

Everyone knows what love is… but no one agrees Lubomir Lamy

The illusions of love Lubomir Lamy

Phèdre / Jean-Claude Dusse: the confrontation Jean-François Marmion

“Hello, are you a tranny? Soppy in nettle country Anne-Claire Thérizols

The bullshit in the invite Marie-France Agnoletti

The friendzone, a minefield Richard Mèmeteau

Consent in couples Interview with Jean-Claude Kauffman

Female pleasure: preconceived ideas Interview with Élisa Brune

Words of love, love words: bullshit to the tip of your tongue…

Catherine Guennec

What we say to each other in bed… Interview with François Perea

Fidelity and adultery: two silly things? Patrick Lemoine

Exes be damned? Interview with Saverio Tomasella

Is polyamory bullshit for more than one person? Véronique Kohn

Good accounts make good lovers Anne-Claire Thérizols

Little lies become big lies Interview with Lisa Letessier

Some vicious circles that make us stupid Emmanuelle Piquet

Little kitchen and outbuilding Geneviève Krebs

Narcissistic perverts: pure manipulators? Marc Olano

Among the ESAA (emotional and sexual addicts anonymous) Justine Canonne

Is the baby a love killer? Marion Delorme

Neither together nor apart: the “badseparation” Jean Van Hemelrijck

Regrets after a love affair Geneviève Krebs

50: the dawn of a new life as a woman Interview with Avivah Wittenberg-Cox

The “Bonnie and Clyde syndrome”: women in love with criminals Clément Guillet

We had everything to be happy… Philippe Brenot

Can we love without repeating the same bullshit? Jean Cottraux

“Love is the most beautiful pathological moment of a normal human being” Interview with Boris Cyrulnik

Fiction and romantic bullshit: the writers’ view Carine Fernandez

Jean-François Marmion is a psychologist. He has edited a number of books, including the « stupidity » series: Psychology de la connerie (Psychology of Stupidity), Histoire universelle de la connerie (Universal History of Stupidity) and Psychologie de la connerie en politique (Psychology of Stupidity in Politics), all published by Sciences Humaines.