Rebuilding Your Life after an Ordeal

Original title: Revivre après une épreuve

Publication Date:

October 2021



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Worldwide excl. French



Rebuilding Your Life after an Ordeal

Original title: Revivre après une épreuve


How to live again when the worst has happened to you.

How do you get back on your feet after a bereavement, an illness, an accident, a catastrophe, a failure, a breakdown? Where can you find the strength to live and the resources to rebuild yourself? And what is the point of living if it is only to survive? From the psychology of resilience to existentialist philosophies and clinical sociology, this book offers a journey between theories and experiences. It provides an up-to-date overview of the answers to this question that has haunted humanity since the dawn of time: how to reinvest one’s life after an internal breakdown…

With contributions from: Boris Cyrulnik, Francis Danvers, Didier Demazière, Jean-François Dortier, Jean-Luc Douillard, Catherine Halpern, Jacques Lecomte, Lisa Letessier, Claire Marin, Jean-François Marmion, Marie-Rose Moro, Marc Olano, Matthieu Ricard, Anne-Claire Thérizols, Fabien Trécourt, Achille Weinberg, Flora Yacine.


  1. Reviving after an ordeal, Héloïse Lhérété
  2. The second modernity or the rise of uncertainties, Francis Danvers
  3. Fighting, fleeing, suffering, Jean-François Dortier
  4. These ruptures that shape us, interview with Claire Marin
  5. Resilience, an antidestiny, Boris Cyrulnik
  6. Controversies around resilience, Marc Olano
  7. Rebuilding after a tragedy, Jean-François Marmion
  8. The Lazarus syndrome, Jean-François Marmion
  9. Does trauma make you stronger, Marc Olano
  10. Three reactions to unexpected grief, Jean-François Marmion
  11. Illness, a journey to the end of the self, Héloïse Lhérété
  12. What healing means, Fabien Trécourt
  13. Growing up after the war, Marie-Rose Moro
  14. Can schools foster resilience, Marc Olano
  15. Separation: The obstacle course, Flora Yacine
  16. When love leaves, how to be me without you, interview with Lisa Letessier
  17. Losing a child, memory and forgetting, Anne-Claire Thérizols
  18. The Solace, Héloïse Lhérété
  19. Philosophers and Death, Catherine Halpern
  20. The End of a Champion, Jean-François Dortier
  21. Can we bounce back at any age, Marc Olano
  22. The test of redundancy, Didier Demazière
  23. Companies in turmoil, Achille Weinberg
  24. Surviving the loss of one’s business, interview by Jean-Luc Douillard
  25. Ten ways to rebuild yourself
  26. Empathy, an essential source of resilience, Jacques Lecomte
  27. Paradise is other people”, interview with Matthieu Ricard