Teen Villains (trilogy)

Publication Date:

January 2023



Original language and publisher

English (USA)

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Worldwide excl. Italy

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Germany (Verlag Von Morgen/Winterfeld )


Fantasy, Young Adult

Teen Villains (trilogy)


A story without villains has no heroes.

When Gwyn finds a crystal sphere in an old, abandoned house she has no idea that it’s actually a Pandora case. She is mesmerized but she feels that she better not touch the sphere.

Yet, she knows what to do. She has been raised at Maludom, an orphanage ran by Morgan Le Fey where children where trained to become thieves. And Gwyn is the best thief of them all. What she doesn’t expect is that some dark spell sucks her inside of it throwing her into another world.

Finding herself on the front lawn of a dark and mysterious castle, she has no idea where she is.

When eight teens walk out from the doors and offer her to be accepted by their school as an orphan, she has no choice but to follow them. However, she will soon discover that she is not the only one who needs to be rescued. All the students at the Wickmore Academy are villains from the fairytale stories. They are in danger, and she might be the key to save them all. Now she will need to decide if she wants to be trapped in someone else’s story or if she wants to write her own.

Dive into a new adventure with all your favorite villains!


BOOK ONE: January 2023 – 234 pages

Gwyn has been raised at Maludom, an orphanage run by Morgan Le Fay where children were trained to become thieves. But a dark spell sucks her inside of it throwing her into another, magical world. Gwyn finds herself on the front lawn of a dark and mysterious castle called Wickmore Academy when eight young students walk out of the doors. She doesn’t expect that all of them are villains from the fairytale stories. Their stories haven’t been written yet. They are in danger and Gwyn might be the key to saving them all.


BOOK TWO: April 2023 – 153 pages

Gwyn now knows why she ended up on the lawn to Wickmore Academy and who sent her. But now everything just got more complicated, as she is tasked with breaking out of the strange prison, not only to save herself but all the villains as well. They can’t return to the academy, someone is out to stop Gwyn from her mission. Is it Headmaster Pendragon or the creepy administrators, the Tweedle Twins? Whoever it is, has a vested interest in keeping the villains captive and ignorant of their true identities. Dangerous identities Gwyn is starting to realize by the emergence of their special dark powers. Powers that she too possesses.Every move they make is a treacherous one. Around every corner is an enemy tasked to stop them by any means possible. But the enemy also lurks inside the villains. They fight amongst themselves, unable to put aside current and past squabbles. It’s up to Gwyn to unite them but she too has seen the enemy inside. She wants to believe that they are capable of change, that there is good inside each of them, but as they get closer to the way out, she’s not convinced that they are all worth saving.


BOOK THREE: July 2023

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  • Age group: 13+