Infernal Odyssey series

Author: Amore, Elisa S.

Publication Date:

July 2018



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Worldwide excl. Italy

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Germany (Winterfeld)


Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult

Infernal Odyssey series

Author: Amore, Elisa S.


“How has this not been made into a movie/movies? It is so cinematic in the storytelling. You really go on a journey. I think it would make a great film.” Sebastian Zetin, Hollywood audio producer at Echoland Studio

“The attitude, the heat, the emotion, everything was perfect.” USA TODAY bestselling author Ali Winters 

“It’s like the wildest carnival ride, and I didn’t want the ride to end!” −Amazon reviewer 

“This story is a great combination of action, intensity, and humor!” −Amazon reviewer 

“An Epic love story with the twists and turns of a mountain hiking trail.” −Amazon reviewer 

“Elisa S. Amore has an incredible imagination and writing skill that transports the reader into the storyline.” −Amazon reviewer 

“It only took me twenty four hours to read Infernal Odyssey. I just could not put it down! This is a must-read for anyone who loves romantic fantasy.” −Amazon reviewer 

“It reminds me of Labyrinth and the Hunger Games but darker and more ruthless.” −Amazon reviewer 

“The Hunger Games with magic, but that would be an unfair comparison as Amore captured my imagination a lot more.” −Amazon reviewer 

“You barely have time to recover from the events in one chapter before you are thrown into the next so be prepared to hibernate for a good day or two with this book.” −Amazon reviewer 

“Take a trip to find lost love and encounter danger along the way because this book will leave you wanting more. If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself.” −Amazon reviewer 

Infernal Odyssey is a spin-off trilogy set in the same world as the #1 bestselling saga Touched. This action-packed novel follows the misadventures of two souls as they risk everything to try to find their way out of Hell.

In a world ruled by dangerous witches, an ancient evil and dark magic, Drake must find Stella, the only girl he’s ever loved. But she is no longer the girl he once knew. She is strong, fierce… and furious at him. He will do everything in his power to win her back and save her from that evil world… unless they kill each other first.

This enemies-to-lovers fantasy romance will keep you enthralled and make you laugh. 

A Fantasy Romance perfect for fans of The 100, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games.

Book 1: INFERNAL ODYSSEY – DARK TOURNAMENT – Jul 2018 – 386 pages


From Elisa S. Amore, author of the #1 bestselling saga TOUCHED, comes a new fantasy series full of suspense, adventure, and love. 

Drake is an Angel of Death. After losing his fiancée Stella during WWII, he’s become a lethal Executioner—as his brothers call him, “a ladykiller in every sense of the word.” All he’s required to do is end the lives of the mortals assigned to him and accompany their Souls to Heaven—but Drake likes to show them a good time in the process. 

Until his own life is taken and he ends up in Hell. 

The Witches, queens of the underworld, keep Drake prisoner in their castle. There, as their slave, he fights battles to amuse them . . . and excite them. He finds life in the Castle has its perks, and decides he might as well enjoy it—until the day he learns that Stella is also in Hell, wandering the Dark Copse, alone and in grave danger. Drake is determined to find her, no matter what dangers or evil creatures he must face. 

When he does, though, he finds Stella is no longer the girl he once knew. Hell has hardened her and she’s on the verge of losing her last shred of humanity. Drake must do everything in his power and more to win her back . . . 

Told in Drake’s inimitable quirky voice, Elisa S. Amore’s new adventure will cast you into the very heart of Hell. Infernal Odyssey is an action-packed novel that follows the adventures of two Souls who are ready to do everything they can to survive the dangers of Hell . . . unless they wind up killing each other first. 




Book 2: LOST PARADISE – ROGUE ARENA – October 2021 – 472 pages


Lost Paradise – Rogue Arena is the highly anticipated second book in the Infernal Odyssey series. A heart-pounding tale full of supernatural adventure, love, and mind-blowing twists you will never guess. 

After fighting in the Witches’ Dark Tournament and being condemned to death, Drake manages to flee the Castle with Stella—but they are far from freedom. Now, they must return to Earth before it’s too late, and Stella has a plan. Accomplishing it won’t be easy, though.

In a journey plagued with dangers and bizarre creatures, Drake and Stella will venture through the darkest side of Hell, finding themselves in the heart of the Rogue Arena. A magical game held by a charming, yet evil prince.

Except, this time, their souls are at stake. One wrong move, and they will lose everything they have fought for. Drake will risk everything to finally save Stella… even if it means being trapped in the Rogue Arena forever.

Book 3: not yet released