Demigods Academy (12-book series)

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August 2019



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13 - 17

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World excl. Italian & German

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Germany (Winterfeld/Verlag von Morgen)
France (Hachette Romans (preempt))


Fantasy, Young Adult

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40,000+ (print edition only); 50 million reads on Amazon Kindle Unlimited

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Hachette Romans

Demigods Academy (12-book series)


“As a teacher of literature to teens, this is a great modern written fantasy story to teach to young women about relationships, strong choices, and being okay with the term different.” -Kayce Green

“As a huge fan of Greek mythology, I absolutely adored jumping into a world where all of my favorite gods and goddesses come to life! -Goodreads Reviewer

“MUST READ! All the characters, locations, and scenarios are written in such detail that you imagine being amid the Academy experiencing the training and trials alongside Melany and her friends (and enemies). OMG, what an ending. And… when can we expect Year Two? -Author Danah Logan

“The plot twists had me devouring this book in one day!” -Goodreads Reviewer

A Young Adult Urban Fantasy saga full of magic, mythology, and adventures for readers of all ages. Perfect for fans of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

On their eighteenth birthday, everyone in the world receives a Shadowbox—a magic box that is a gift like no other… because it’s a gift from the Gods.
For the majority of people, there’s only a birthday message inside their Shadowbox. For a few chosen, though, there’s something more. Nobody knows what those special guys receive. What’s known is that they disappear and never come back.

Rumors say they are invited to join the Gods’ Army… I think it’s just a load of crap.

My name is Melany Richmond, and for my entire life, I’ve been an outcast, an orphan tossed around like a ship in a storm. I don’t think that gods really exist. I never even received my Shadowbox when I turned eighteen. Maybe because nobody knows my true birth date, or because not even the gods care about me. Afterall, I’m a blue haired rebel and troublemaker with tattoos all over my arms.
I’m not like Callie Demos, the beautiful blondie living in the huge estate my adopted mother takes care of. She is the perfect specimen of Greek devotion and nobody doubts she will get “the call.” She has everything in her life and doesn’t appreciate any of it. Her birthday party is the biggest event in town, and everyone wants to be there when she receives her blessing. To me, it’s just another ridiculous parade.
But when I secretly open her Shadowbox and feel its magic on my skin, all my beliefs vanish.

Gods do exist. And if the scroll in my hands says the truth, they have a secret academy where their recruits train to become demigods.

I’ve done really bad things in my life, but stealing Callie’s opportunity to attend the God’s Academy? It’s got to be the worst.
If Gods find out I’m a faker, what was supposed to be someone else’s gift may turn into my personal curse.

BOOK ONE: August 2019 – 286 pages
Every year, on their eighteenth birthday, someone in the world receives a Shadowbox—a magical gift like no other… because it comes from the Gods. For many, it carries only a festive message, but for a few chosen ones, something else hides inside it. Nobody knows what the elite receive, only that they disappear, never to be seen again.

BOOK TWO: October 2019 – 226 pages
Chaos reigns in the arena after Hades, the God of Darkness, claimed Melany for his own clan. Rumors say each student will be trained by their clan’s God, going to live with them. It could be the last time Melany sees her friends… or Lucian. She has no choice, though: she must follow Hades to the Underworld and train with him in his hall. She’ll learn to be stronger and fiercer. She’ll learn to face Hades’ darkness… the same darkness lurking inside her. But what if she likes it? Under the seductive God’s training, she may not find the way back… READY FOR THE DARKNESS?

BOOK THREE: December 2019 – 238 pages
While Melany is torn between Lucian and Hades, a new enemy will put everyone in danger. The ancient Titans are unleashed, causing epic disasters all around the world. It’s time for the Gods’ Army to show what they’ve been trained for in the academy. It’s time for Melany to pick sides. A war is around the corner. And she is the only one who can stop it. But how can she choose between Light and Shadow

BOOK FOUR: May 2020 – 226 pages
After the war against Zeus, nothing is the same anymore for Melany and her crew. Despite all their losses and griefs, they must move on and rebuild a new Academy where Titans, Gods, and Demigods work together to protect the human World because something strange is going on. People on Earth aren’t dying, even those who have been shot or stabbed. Melany is determined to find out who’s messing around with Life and Death. But first she has to deal with the new, deadly powers swirling inside her. She’s more dangerous than ever. Can she really control all those powers or will she succumb to them

BOOK FIVE: August 2020 – 236 pages
As Melany tries to figure out where the hell the Queen of Night sent her, she will have to use all of her powers for her most important battle yet… a fight for her life. What is worse, being lost in that unfathomable place will prove to have terrible consequences. Some, which will force her to face an old ally as a powerful enemy. Trapped in a prison world with no beginning or end, Melany will have to find her way back to the Academy as soon as possible, before the curse rips away everything she holds dear. Not only her friends… but her entire existence.

BOOK SIX: November 2020 – 244 pages
Determined to restore order, Melany and her friends embark on a forbidden mission to find the Fates, coming face to face with a deadly new threat. After losing one of their own, they band together with others from the academy for a dangerous rescue, but they soon discover not everyone is an ally.
Unfortunately, things go terribly wrong when Melany is labeled a murderer. To make matters worse, Death’s disappearance causes an unnatural war, putting at risk the lives of the humans they all swore to protect. Yet, this battle is not what it seems, forcing Melany to confront unexpected enemies… as well as some she thought never to see again.
Desperate and out of options, will Melany have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world?

BOOK SEVEN: April 2021 – 250 pages
After waking up on the floor of an abandoned warehouse, with no memory of her life, where she came from, or even an ID, Nicole had to resort to the oldest profession in the world—relax, she’s just stealing for a living. Unlike her best friend, Pinky, she has never believed in the Gods or their legendary academy, where special recruits train to become Demigods and protect the world. But when a girl with blue hair and black, glorious wings, appears on the TV—fighting a fire in Pecunia, Greece—Nicole is forced to change her mind. Haunted by the experience, she sets out to find out more about the blue-haired warrior, because deep inside she feels they are… connected. Nicole’s research leads her nowhere, until one night when she crosses an old cemetery, finally coming face to face with her destiny. As the King of the Dead rises before her, she is sucked into a world she wishes she’d never discovered.

BOOK EIGHT: August 2021 -248 pages
After accidentally triggering a time portal they didn’t even know existed, Tinker, Nicole, and Cade find themselves lost in time. Among strangely familiar faces and events no one should ever relive, they are urged to work together to find a way to get home.
But time is not the only thing triggered, and when Nicole begins to slowly get her memories back, new challenges arise, proving that she is more powerful than she remembers.
As new revelations make her doubt everything she believes, she’ll need to understand what the Corpse King wants before it is too late…

BOOK NINE: November 2021 – 218 pages
Being a superhero is exhausting−Nicole knows that well. Since the Gods have done nothing but put her through unimaginable tortures, she’d have every reason to join the Corpse King in his quest for revenge. Yet, joining the vengeful king would be a terrible and drastic action.
As she tries to stop him from leaving Olympus, after kidnapping the twelve Hours, Nicole’s power arises—revealing that she can jump through time. An ability unheard of by the Gods, because only Chronos himself can control time…

And now that the Corpse King knows Nicole’s secret, her life is in jeopardy.

Even worse, her power is still a liability, more than a weapon she can use against him. She knows that fighting a whole undead army, is basically her only option to rescue the Hours before he uses them for whatever he has planned.

BOOK TEN: March 2022 – 230 pages
Can life ever be normal? Just as Nicole thinks that she can build a new life at the academy, strange visions of Melany start to plague her mind. If that wasn’t enough, the reality she has come home to is no longer safe.
When attacks disrupt the mortal realm, alarm spreads among the Demigods. Rebellion is in the air, and for the first time, everything the Demigods Academy stands for might be in true danger. Called to protect it, Cade and the others try to help the humans. This time, though, they may not be strong enough to face their enemy.
As the threat hits closer than they ever imagined, Nicole’s visions become overwhelmingly powerful. Could they be the key to saving them all?

BOOK ELEVEN: June 2022 – 234 pages
The unimaginable has just happened. Although Nicole thinks she’s just performed a miracle in bringing Melany back from the dead, not everyone agrees it was the best idea considering Melany’s unstable  and has the ability to destroy everything around her. Despite that horrible realization, Nicole is sure that the Dark Angel of Pecunia can be their secret weapon against the human mob. If only they could figure out who’s behind the uprising and why they are hell bent on destroying the temples and the Gods. Even worse, they discover that it isn’t just the humans they’re up against- this isn’t just an uprising but an act of vengeance for the past.

BOOK TWELVE: September 2022 – 270 pages
Thrust into one possible future where all their friends and loved ones are dead, Nicole and Melany try to figure out how to return to their time and change the course of history. But neither of them have full control of their powers. Nicole can’t be sure where she’d jump them next—another trip to the Jurassic Park, no thank you!–and Melany’s still angry about being taken from her eternal bliss with the God of Darkness that she can’t seem to focus on anything else.
Aided by someone they never thought to see in this place, they are given the surprising information about who’s behind the mortal uprising, and now they need to use every ounce of their combined powers to save the academy from destruction.
With their friends either captured or injured and all the portals closed, Cade and Lucian search for a way back to the academy to prepare for an impending war with the mortals. A note from the future gives Cade hope that they can protect the academy and that he will reunite with Nicole again. But nothing is ever that simple, and the two heroes face more challenges than they’d ever seen before. By the time they reach the academy, they are well aware that it is not just a battle against the mortals but a fight for the fate of them all.

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