Amore, Elisa S.


Elisa S. Amore (born April 13, 1984) is the best-selling fantasy author of the TOUCHED saga, a fantasy romance series about Heaven and Hell. Vanity Fair Italy called her ‘one of the few phenomena in self-publishing.’

She lives in Italy with her husband and son. She wrote the first book while working at her parents’ diner, dreaming up the story between one order and the next.
She’s wild about pizza and traveling, which is a source of constant inspiration for her. She dreamed up some of the novels’ love scenes while strolling along the canals in Venice and visiting the home of Romeo’s Juliet in romantic Verona. Her all-time favorite writer is Shakespeare, but she also loves Nicholas Sparks.

She’s now a full-time writer of fantasy romance and young adult fiction. She’s an Allie member and considers herself an Authorpreneur. In her free time, she likes to read, swim, and daydream.

In 2016 she began to have her books published in English, quickly becoming one of the best-selling self-published authors with her “Touched” saga and hitting the Top 100 in the entire Kindle Store with each new release.

The saga has over 200,000 copies sold and 100 million reads on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

In 2017 it reached Goodreads’ Top 100 list of Books that Should Be Made into Movies. Her fans are so in love with the series that they get tattoos with lines from her books and create all sort of merchandise. With her successful series about Heaven and Hell, life and death, Elisa S. Amore has built a loyal fanbase on social media with over 160k fans. She has quickly become a favorite author for thousands of readers around the world.

In 2017 Amore flew to Los Angeles to work on the audio version of Touched with Hollywood star Matt Lanter, (Jupiter’s Legacy, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Disaster Movie, 9010, Vampires Suck, Timeless). The female role is voiced by Emma Galvin, a Disney actress and acclaimed narrator for the “Twilight” and “Divergent” series.

She was a guest of honor at the Lucca Comics and Games, and has been mentioned in Vanity Fair Italy, Glamour UK, MarieClaire Italy and Wired Italy.

F. Magazine called her ‘the undisputed queen of romantic fantasy’.

In March 2018 she was invited to participate in the Kindle Summit 2018, where she spoke about her success to 150 employees on Amazon’s international team.

She’s now working on The Infernal Odyssey trilogy, a standalone spin-off set in the same world as the “Touched” saga. This action-packed novel follows the adventures of two souls as they risk everything to try to find their way out of Hell.