The Secret Language of Honey

Original title: La Custode del Miele e delle Api

Publication Date:

June 2016



Original language and publisher

Italian | Garzanti

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia, World English

Territories Sold

Germany (Blanvalet)
Netherlands (Xander)
Spanish (Spain) (Maeva)
Albania (Dituria)


Commercial Fiction

The Secret Language of Honey

Original title: La Custode del Miele e delle Api


Angelica has never managed to put down roots. She’s never managed to tie herself to anything or anyone, always ready to get up and run away, out of fear. There’s only one place she feels at home and that is amongst her bees. Embraced by the quiet hum of their wings and the intense perfume of honey trickling from the hives, Angelica manages to feel loved and protected.

She is a travelling bee-keeper and honey is the only thing that gives voice to her emotions. Because lavender honey can calm a troubled soul and acacia can help recover a smile. And Angelica has always been able to find the right one for each person; it’s her special gift.

It was Margherita who taught her – the woman who was a mother to her during her childhood, when she lived on a windswept island off the coast of Sardinia. After being taken away from it, Angelica put a lock on her heart and was unable to settle anywhere for any length of time. But now fate has decided to give her another chance. An inheritance awaits her there, where everything started, on the island where she was once happy. A house stands in the midst of perfumed rose bushes, a tree hides a precious secret and there is a task to be completed.

Only one person can help her: Nicola. A man of  mystery but one who knows all the veiled fears in Angelica’s wide eyes. Only he can heal her wounds, give her courage and, in the end, help her find her real home. The only place where her heart can be truly free.

After the enormous success of The Secret Ways of Perfume, a success dear to readers and critics alike, sold all over the world and ranked in the top places in the lists of Italian and foreign bestsellers, Cristina Caboni gives us another jewel of a book.

An exciting novel vibrant with life. A story that carries the reader away, to a place where dreams can open the door to love.

Marketing Information

  • Over 70,000 copies sold in Italy and 100,000 copies sold in Germany.
  • Over 500,000 copies sold in her books worldwide
  • English sample available