The Secret Ways of Perfume

Original title: Il sentiero dei profumi

Publication Date:

May 2014



Original language and publisher

Italian | Garzanti

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia, World English

Territories Sold

Germany (Blanvalet Random House)
France (Presses de la Cite)
World English (Transworld)
Spanish (Spain) (Ediciones Maeva)
Lithuania (Alma Littera)
Netherlands (Xander)
Hungary (Park/Libri Kiado)
Turkey (Dogan Kitap)
Slovakia (Fortuna)
Romania (Nemira)
Albania (Dituria)
Serbia (Laguna)
Greece (Psicoghios)
Portugal (Suma/Objetiva Random House)
Poland (Sonia Draga)
Bulgaria (BARD)
Sweden (Massolit)
Brazil (Suma/Objetiva)
Catalan (Edicions 62 Planeta)
Slovenia (Mladinska Knijga)
Russia (AST)
Israel (Keter)
Croatia (Fokus)
English (USA) (Berkley)
Latvia (Zvaigzn)
Czech Republic (Jota Nakladatelstvi)


Commercial Fiction

The Secret Ways of Perfume

Original title: Il sentiero dei profumi



Elena doesn’t trust anyone. Nothing is certain anymore and she no longer believes in love. Only when she creates her perfumes does she manage to create some distance from her insecurities. Only when she is enveloped by the essences of flowers, barks and spices does she know how to vanquish her fears. For her, perfumes are the path into the heart of people. They speak of deepest thoughts, of innermost hopes: the iris promises faith, the mimosa gives happiness, vanilla protects, broom helps you not to give up.

Since the beginning Elena has learned how to be brave; ever since the day her mother left. Now she is 26 and fate continues to test her, but her special gift shows her the path to follow. It is a path that will take her to Paris and to one of the grandest shops in that city, where scents are still fashioned according to the ancient art of perfumers. In a short space of time Elena’s own creations win over everyone, for she has a unique ability to understand and grant desires. But she hasn’t yet managed to create the extract that will allow her to make peace with her own past and to have the courage to forgive.

There is only one person who has the key to the depths of Elena’s soul and who can heal her wound: Cail who understands the fragility of a flower and knows how to protect and love it. Because, when the heat of the sun arrives, even the bitterest seed finds the strength to bloom.

Marketing Information

  • Over 200,000 copies sold in Italy and over 120,000 in Germany.
  • Full English translation available.