The Girl of Colors

Original title: La ragazza dei colori

Author: Caboni, Cristina

Publication Date:

September 2021



Original language and publisher

Italian | Garzanti

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia, World English

Territories Sold

Netherlands (Xander)


Literary Fiction

The Girl of Colors

Original title: La ragazza dei colori

Author: Caboni, Cristina


Cristina Caboni is the storyteller best loved by Italian readers. Her books reconstruct fascinating and very different worlds. A story that brings to light a forgotten episode in Italian history during the Fascist period and reminds us that children are stronger than anything.

The blue of the sky brings good cheer, the green of the fields comfort. Stella really believed this. She really did believe that colors had the power to change people’s emotions and lives. But for her it’s not like that any more. And she feels lost. Until one day she finds a case containing drawings at her great-aunt Letizia’s house. They’re simple drawings – childish ones – but the visual impact is powerful. The yellow, red and blue are full of life, like sparks ready to fly off the paper. Stella is almost scared to look at them. Because, for the first time after so long, colors are not just shades of water color but sensations, stories, words. Stella has to find out who did them; only then will things get back to normal. But Letizia, the only person who can give her the answers, clams up and maintains an obstinate silence. As she continues her search, however, Stella discovers an episode that has its roots in the most difficult period of the country’s history, when poor, innocent people risked their lives just because of their origins. When the solidarity of an entire town managed to triumph over horror, saving the lives of hundreds of Jewish children. What Stella can’t imagine is the feeling of guilt that the drawings have concealed for decades. A feeling of guilt that weighs on Letizia like a millstone. It is up to her to reconstruct what really happened. Because Stella has learnt that darkness doesn’t last forever and that the sun shines stronger than ever every day. Cristina Caboni is a weaver who spins her cloths using emotions as her threads. Her words are like pearls that create a unique and sparkling fabric. Every novel makes the top places in the bestseller lists and gains the interest of the press. A new story full of hope and faith in the future. A story where colors invade the world and teach us to find ourselves.

“An explosion of colors such as she had never witnessed filled her with wonder. Brilliant green, yellow and orange. The deepest blue, majestic red, purple and sky blue. Deeply moved, she leafed through the pages. The colors overwhelmed her, welcoming her, and suddenly she felt them flowing through her as they once used to. They were like stories. They were the colors of the world.”