Author: Malø, Mo

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May 2020



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Worldwide excl. French

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Italy (Piemme)


Crime & Thrillers

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Author: Malø, Mo


After Qaanaaq (2018) and Diskø (2019), the latest Inspector Qaanaaq Adriensen mystery set in the polar landscape. After a few months when he was made to go back to Denmark against his will, Qaanaaq has gotten his job as chief of the Greenland police force back. But some recent incidents make his superiors wonder if he’s still got what it takes, psychologically speaking. He is required to see a psychologist, and told to calm down. Qaanaaq’s neuroses catch up with him anyway: behind a series of youthful suicides – sadly common in Greenland – Qaanaaq suspects the influence of a strange shaman. But maybe the danger is really coming from inside himself?

Inspector Qaanaaq Adriensen, chef of police in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, was forced into “exile” in Denmark by his superiors. Although he still feels haunted by demons, he is eventually authorized to return to Greenland – on two conditions: he must see a psychologist and he has to renounce the bloody expeditions that had become commonplace since he took up his post there.

Greenland has one of the highest youth suicide rates in the world. But during Qaanaaq Adriensen’s routine rounds to different towns on the great white island, he is confronted with several deaths very close together… too close together, in Qaanaaq’s opinion. Like a young woman whose broken body was found at the foot of Mount Uummannaq… He’s convinced that the harsh climate and severe poverty aren’t the only culprits in this strange “epidemic.” Especially after he finds clues pointing to the visit of a strange shaman to two of the young victims who seemingly had nothing in common…

As he’s about to board a helicopter to fly off to the next town, a little boy delivers a package. A Tupperware container with a human hand inside: it has been chopped off neatly, and it flaunts a tattoo sewn on according to an ancient Inuit rite that hardly anyone observes any more.

Despite his superiors’ orders and the psychological fragility that even he can’t deny any more, Qaanaaq decides to go after another murderer.

Marketing Information

  • Over 200,000 copies sold in the series