Author: Malø, Mo

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March 2019



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Crime & Thrillers

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Author: Malø, Mo


After the success of Qaanaaq, Mo Malø returns to the Inuit land, where Inspector Qaanaaq Adriensen, who has become police chief in Greenland, continues to be amazed by local quirks. This time, a corpse found frozen in an iceberg disrupts the serenity of the large white island. Following the likes of Ian Manook (Yeruldelgger) and Olivier Truc, Mo Malø pens a new atmospheric and completely different crime novel.

In the local Greenlandic Police station, days are long. Danish inspector Qaanaaq Adriensen and his assistant, Inuit Apputiku Kalakeq, kill time playing Greenlandic roulette, a variation of the Russian roulette. Until one day a corpse is found frozen in an iceberg on the tourist bay of Diskø. Only his face and the top of his torso are visible. Maybe he slid into a crevasse that turned up out of nowhere… However, the case is more complicated than it may look like. The victim, an American scientist, did not in fact fall: he was trapped alive in the ice block. Who could have committed such a brutal hate crime against this man, or against his beliefs?

In the middle of adrift icebergs, Qaanaaq and his team are trying to identify the motives for this crime, when a second murder takes place and this time the victim is one of their colleagues. Ferocious and wild, Greenland’s Mother Nature has not said her last word yet…


• The first novel in the series Qaaanaaq sold 12,000 copies in trade and 10,000 in pocket edition.

Mo Malø has written several books under different pen names. He lives in France. Diskø is a new investigation of Inspector Qaanaaq Adriensen.

Marketing Information

  • Over 200,000 copies sold in the series
  • 2020 Prix Découverte des Mines Noires (winner), 2019 Prix Michel Lebrun (shortlisted)

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