Malø, Mo


Mo Malø is the author of the best-selling Qaanaaq Adriensen detective series, which has been translated in numerous countries and has won a great many literary awards: Point Prize from Points, Découverte Prize from Mines Noires, short-listed for the Best Crime Fiction Prize by Points readers, and the Michel Lebrun Prize.

He is part of the French school of murder mysteries set in remote, untamed lands (Mongolia for Ian Manook and his “Yeruldelgger” series, Quais du Polar Prize and 2014 ELLE readers Grand Prix; Lapland for Olivier Truc, whose The Last Lap won the Quais du Polar Prize, the Saint-Maur Crime Fiction Paperback Prize and the 2013 Critics’ Mystère Prize). Inspired by real cases that shocked Greenland, he offers readers a powerful novel.