Non Obvious Megatrends: How to See What Others Miss and Predict the Future

Author: Bhargava, Rohit

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January 2020



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Non Obvious Megatrends: How to See What Others Miss and Predict the Future

Author: Bhargava, Rohit


Bhargava offers clear and straightforward prose, and his engaging, well-spaced graphic elements make the text more interactive. A consistently engrossing guide to trend forecasting. — Kirkus review

#1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, the definitive edition of Non-Obvious which was finalist for the AMA Berry Book Prize and winner of 9 International Book Awards, featurs 10 bold new Megatrend predictions from award-winning trend curator Rohit Bhargava. About 80% new material compared to previous editions!

Introducing a book about what it really takes to predict the future, by getting better at understanding the accelerating present.

What can the quirky rules of Icelandic hot tub etiquette and the unexpected celebrity of a Michelin-ranked food stall in Singapore teach you about the future of business and culture?

The answer may not be all that obvious, and that’s exactly the point.

For the past decade, innovation expert and marketing professor Rohit Bhargava and his intrepid team of trend curators have produced one of the most widely read annual trend forecasts in the world: the Non-Obvious Trend Report.

Whether you are among one of the more than 1 million readers of a previous edition of this report or not, this completely updated new edition features an unprecedented look behind the scenes at the author’s award-winning “Haystack Method” for identifying the ideas and insights others miss by learning to collect ideas the way most people collect frequent flier miles.

You don’t need to be a futurist or innovation expert in order to learn to think like one. In this book you’ll not only learn how to use the Haystack Method yourself, but also read insights about how to leverage the ten forecasted megatrends to grow your own business or propel your career.

The key to winning the future lies in better understanding the present. This book is an essential guide to becoming a non-obvious thinker and using the art of trend curation to get better at predicting what will be important tomorrow based on learning to better observe patterns in the world today.

What’s New In This Edition: 

  • 10 ALL-NEW never before published megatrend predictions for the future.
  • Updated interviews, stories, examples, insights and illustrations.
  • Fully revised and expanded trend appendix featuring over 100 previously predicted trends + ratings.

About the Non-Obvious Trend Series:

  • 10 years of trend insights (since 2011)
  • Wall Street Journal Best Seller
  • More than 100 trends predicted
  • Over 1 million readers + subscribers
  • Winner of 9 International book awards
  • Finalist for the AMA-Berry Book Prize
  • Translated into 10 languages (so far!)

Praise for previous editions:

“Smart, articulate and immediately useful.” —Daniel H. Pink, Bestselling author of When

A goldmine of ideas and trends. — Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist of Canva and author of The Art of the Start, 2.0

Shatter your magic crystal ball, and toss out the tea leaves. In this book, Rohit shows us how and where to find the future trends that will shape your business, your brand, and even your own decision-making. — Sally Hogshead, NY Times bestselling author of How The World Sees You

This is one of those rare books that delivers insights that are both useful and help illuminate where business is going. It’s a great read. — Charles Duhigg, Author of the bestseller The Power Of Habit

There are very few books that I read hoping that no one else around me will. They’re the books that are so insightful, so thought provoking and so illuminating that they provide powerful competitive advantage. Non-Obvious is one of those. Pass on it at your own peril. — Shiv Singh, SVP Global Head of Digital & Marketing Transformation at VISA and author of Social Media Marketing For Dummies

Rohit Bhargava’s “Likeonomics” is the gold standard on understanding the social economy. His new book had me at “predict the future” but there’s much more than that in here. It’s about seeing the world in a new way – plus a powerful argument for how curation can change your organization. — Sree Sreenivasan, Former Chief Digital Officer, The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Marketing Information

  • Gold Medal in the 2020 Axiom Business Book Awards
  • Previous editions: Amazon Business & Wall Street Journal Best Seller
  • Awards previous editions: Eric Hoffer Business Book of the Year, Axiom Award Silver Medal (Business Theory), INDIE Gold Medal (Business Business Book), Leonard L. Berry Marketing Book Award, IPPY Silver Medal (Best Business Book), Non-Fiction Book Award (Gold Medal), Pinnacle Best Business Book Award. Finalist: International Book Award (Best Business Book). Official Selection: Gary’s Book Club at CES
  • The Non-Obvious Trend Series and brand was awarded the Hermes Lifetime Individual Achievement Award
  • Sociology distinguished favorite in the NYC Big Book Awards

MEDIA HITS for previous editions:

  • Fast Company Featured Book – “Must Have On Your Nightstand” (10.9 million average page views per month)
Selected by entrepreneur Marla Beck as one of her must read books to have on her nightstand to help get ready for the future.
  • Microsoft Story Labs Profile (300,000 page views per month)
This detailed profile of Rohit’s signature Haystack Method trend curation process went viral online and generated significant media attention and hundreds of thousands of online views.
  • SXSW 2020 Keynote Speaker Announcement (1.5 million page views per month)
Selected from more than 6000 submissions as one of the top featured keynote speakers to present at SXSW 2020.
  • Forbes Featured Book – “Favorite Source Of Inspiration” (71 million average page views per month)
Selected by top agency professionals as a great source for inspiration and new ideas.
  • New York Times – Featured in article about likeability and business (78.1 million average unique visitors per month)
Mentioned in this article about the importance of likeability for presidential candidates, a theme that will likely resurface in coming months.
  • Read Write Web – Rated as a “Top Futurist Speakers to Have at Your Conference” (1 million average page views per month)
Rated as one of the top futurist speakers in the industry.


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