Non-Obvious Thinking. How to See What Others Miss

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September 2024



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Business & Leadership

Non-Obvious Thinking. How to See What Others Miss


Shift Your Perspective. Be More Non-Obvious.

Obvious thinking holds us all back. It traps us in a routine, unable to imagine other perspectives or create truly original ideas. What does it take to think bigger, have more empathy and transform your best ideas into reality?

In Non-Obvious Thinking, bestselling futurist Rohit Bhargava and pioneering venture capitalist, Ben duPont come together to offer a concise four step method anyone can use to improve their mental flexibility and learn to see what others miss.

What can the world’s most dangerous playground teach us about the power of embracing radical curiosity? Why does the quirky science of enigmatology offer a perfect formula for discovering the hidden side of anything? How can a 7 minute meetup reinvent the way you build your network and connect with others?

From the termite mounds of Zimbabwe to an undiscovered Australian island that seemingly disappeared overnight, this book blends fascinating stories with highly actionable daily lessons to help you shift the way you think.

For the past decade, Rohit Bhargava has been publishing his #1 WSJ bestselling “non-obvious” trend book series accurately spotlighting dozens of trends in culture, business, and society. During that time, venture capitalist Ben duPont was hosting a signature annual “non-obvious” dinner bringing together an unusual mix of U.S. Senators, CEOs, and Nobel Prize laureates alongside entrepreneurs, musicians, and students for a unique gathering to share audacious ideas.

Now for the first time ever, this unique duo is bringing their worlds together to offer a step-by-step guide to how non-obvious ideas really take shape—and how we all can have more of them.

Learn how to:

  • Create space for new ideas and thinking.
  • Uncover insights by training your powers of observation.
  • Hone your focus to isolate the details that matter most.
  • Define a twist to make your thinking original and unique.

These are the four components of the SIFT framework– a groundbreaking method designed to unlock your creative potential in four simple steps. Whether you’re dreaming of entrepreneurial success, seeking creative inspiration, or simply aiming to break free from conventional thought, Non-Obvious Thinking is your key to unlocking the potential of your best ideas.

Spanning just 200 illustrated pages and with an easy-to-read visual layout, this is not your typical intimidating big idea business book. It’s a digestible guide to being more observant and curating inspiration from the world around you. Are you ready to step into a future where you can see what others miss so you can do what others don’t?

The world needs more non-obvious thinkers. This book is your guide to becoming one of them.