LESSONS: Essays to Help You Embrace the Chaos

Author: Schaefer, Mark

Publication Date:

June 2019



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Business & Leadership

LESSONS: Essays to Help You Embrace the Chaos

Author: Schaefer, Mark


To succeed in business today, you have to be able to embrace the chaos. Mark Schaefer helps you along through this collection of essays.

This collection of essays from futurist and thought leader Mark Schaefer explores the intersection of technology, business, and the human condition. Through 32 very honest, provocative, and prescient articles, Mark lays bare the unvarnished truth of personal and business survival in the digital age.

Chapter topics include:

  • How to remain bot-proof
  • The intolerance of hustle
  • Best presentation skills
  • The importance of “belonging” in business
  • Personal branding truths
  • Why company culture is your marketing
  • Emotional paralysis and social media grief
  • Realistic content marketing
  • Networking in the digital age
  • Entrepreneurial business lessons

… and much more.

Mark Schaefer has emerged as one of the most vital and trusted resources in the business world. Thousands have attended his university classes, corporate workshops and speeches. This is your chance to tune into the latest thinking from one the most gifted writers and thinkers in the digital media scene today.