The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever

Author: Schaefer, Mark

Publication Date:

May 2023



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Business & Leadership

The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever

Author: Schaefer, Mark


What happens when futurist Mark Schaefer assembles 35 of his smartest marketing friends from countries around the world, including Italy, France, Belgium, England and Ireland (with more than 750 years of accumulated experience!) and asks for their best marketing ideas? Well, it’s something amazing. In fact, it’s The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever!

This fun and exciting book is filled with insights to inspire everyone from entrepreneurs and students to the most experienced marketing professional.

The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever takes you on a ride from traditional marketing ideas like billboards and email to the metaverse and beyond.

In this book you will learn:

  • Foundational principles of marketing strategy, content marketing and social media
  • Inside tips to propel your business through LinkedIn, email, and advertising
  • Insights into emerging trends such as NFTs, Web3, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Practical tips to help you with research, strategic communications, and measurement… and much more!

Marketing today is complex and but this book contains essential truths to help you rise above the noise.

Marketing Information

  • #1 bestseller in Advertising, Self Employment, Small Business Marketing