Everyone Loves Bruce Willis

Original title: Tout le monde aime Bruce Willis

Publication Date:

April 2018



Original language and publisher

Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. French


Crime & Thrillers

Everyone Loves Bruce Willis

Original title: Tout le monde aime Bruce Willis

  • 2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French
  • By the winner of the Prix VSD du Polar 2011 and Prix Griffe Noire for the best historical novel 2016.  His previous novel was selected for the Prix Polar de Cognac 2016.


Everyone Loves Bruce Willis is a smoldering and intense contemporary detective novel that explores the unfortunate backstage of the American Dream, fully resonating with the Weinstein affair.” — Mulderville.net

A contemporary detective novel anchored right in the middle of Hollywood, resonating with the Weinstein affair that blew up as the novel was being written. — France Culture

Dominique Maisons manages again to surprise us with Everyone Loves Bruce Willis, a thrilling detective novel. A marvel. — Les Echos

After The Predators’ Ball and We Remember the Names of the Assassins, Dominique Maisons is back with a story that rivals the great American crime novels.

She’s got it all… or does she?

Rose Century is 20 years old and worth millions at the box office. Dozens of assistants are on hand to get her anything she wants at the click of a finger. Millions of people would kill to be in her place… But below the surface, Rose’s life is nothing to be jealous of. An agent who manipulates her like a child, directors who prove to be sexual predators, childhood friends lost to drugs, a failed actress mother projecting her unfulfilled ambitions, a father who despises her. And a sister, who died in mysterious circumstances… Rose is alone, and can think only of escape.

But her career is bigger than herself. Los Angeles cannot afford for her to disappear, they need her to keep the dream machine alive – not to mention her father’s political ambitions. So, if Rose becomes a problem… A solution must be found very quickly.

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