The Predators’ Ball

Original title: Le Festin des Fauves

Author: Maisons, Dominique

Publication Date:

November 2015



Original language and publisher

Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. French

The Predators’ Ball

Original title: Le Festin des Fauves

Author: Maisons, Dominique

  • 2 Seas Represents: World Excl French.
  • Sold: Bulgaria (Millenium Publishers).
  • Finalist for the Best French Crime Novel of 2016 at the Cognac Festival.


“A colorful cast of characters (…) a tasty cocktail of action scenes, heartfelt dialogues (…) fast paced novel, exalting, written in a well-felt and jubilant way (…) a brilliant opening scene and final chapters equally amazing (…) exceptional characters.” – Zone Livre

“A well written, well constructed novel, palpitant from the beginning to the end. Dominique Maison displayes undeniable narrative talent and predisposition unrolling his narration. (…) Do not miss this ball, there‘s something for everyone! – Garoupe

“The tension rises, the horrors are accumulating and I must say that at times I was tempted to close my eyes (not very practical when reading) (…) I was carried away from the beginning to the end, the author maintaining the suspense up to the last words. (…) An exalting and passionate race against time (…) an explosive ending to say the least that leaves the reader breathless! – Les lectures de Mylène

“I am very excited about Dominique Maison’s novel. The plot is ambitious but the writing is clear. So I‘m enjoying it. (…) A must. – 4 de Couv

An extensive dark and engaged police investigation (…) profound and troubled characters (…) The investigation is so mingled with the writing and the sense of the chaptering of the author, it is impossible to let down this novel except from obligation (…) [a] very successful thriller (…) a great author.” – Le Mediateaseur

“An excellent thriller of well crafted suspense.” – Emidreamsup

When a self-styled avenger decides to strike at the highest levels of government and national security, the whole system begins to quake. The Predators’ Ball has begun…

In an exclusive suburb of Paris, a prominent but corrupt citizen is hosting a sumptuous fetish party. The men are wearing predators’ masks: hyenas, lions, jackals and more. The women are the prey: gazelles, antelopes or does. But as he is about to give the speech to get the evening started, their host collapses, gushing blood. A terrible poison has made all his organs burst.

A few days earlier, the victim had received a poison-pen letter signed with a strange name: Judex. What does that black-caped French avenger from the 1910s have to do with this case?

Or Mistress Lucy, the SM dominatrix who keeps encountering her missing companion, Roxana? And what about those three Brazilian brothers who sow death in order to reap strange cremation urns?

When another big shot succumbs to Judex’s warnings, the whole machinery of government is threatened. Commissioner Rossi knows that he’ll be the sacrificial lamb, the first one to go if things really fall apart. If only to save his own skin, he has to follow Judex’s trail right up through the highest ranks.


  • An author who won the VSD detective-novel prize for his first novel
  • Le Psychopompe (Les Violeurs d’âme): 8,500 copies in hard-cover and 11,000 in the Pocket paperback edition (2012).
  • A violent thriller that leads us from the highest spheres of the French government to the S&M community… via the bloody traditions of an Amazonian tribe.


Bulgaria (Millenium Publishers)