We Remember the Names of the Assassins

Original title: On se souvient du nom des Assassins

Author: Maisons, Dominique

Publication Date:

October 2016



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Worldwide excl. French


Crime & Thrillers

We Remember the Names of the Assassins

Original title: On se souvient du nom des Assassins

Author: Maisons, Dominique

  • 2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French.
  • Awarded the Prix Griffe noire for the best historical novel of the year, and selected for the 2017 Prix Arsène Lupin
  • Over 5,000 copies sold


Dominique Maisons excels in the art of conjuring up a cruel Belle Epoque, the golden age of occultism […] A lively tribute to the ‘genre’ novel, classic in structure and language, modern in daring and invention. – Sang Froid

This story is a wonderful tribute to the serialized novels of days gone by, it is part of the same tradition. action-suspense.com

This book is exceptional on all counts. The story, the setting, the writing and the characters. Emotions – Blog littéraire et musical

A sure and certain literary talent, [Maisons] went for a retro style and has more than pulled off the risk. Le shoot de Loley

Hurry up and read this big tome that you won’t put down before getting to the end… breathless from your wild adventures and happy to get out safe and sound Garoupe

We will remember the name of an amazing novelist: Dominique Maisons – Frédéric Fontes 4devouv 

The twists and turns are often extraordinary but written in such a clever way, with multiple references and nods to the masters of the genre, that it becomes a real treat. We can’t get enough of it, quivering like children alongside the heroes. Nyctalopes 

We discover many original and eccentric characters. We find an atmosphere that is sometimes dark and tough. Cruelties dished out by a real savage. A book that you don’t want to put down – 2 Petits Loulous

A pure marvel! – Gérard Collard, speaking on ‘Le Magazine de la santé’, France 5

It’s like a serialised novel, you can’t put it down, it’s an absolutely extraordinary era – Gérard Collard, speaking on ‘Le Magazine de la santé’, France 5

A real pleasure to read, with well-written, endearing characters and paper heroes just how we like them: brave, adventurous and willing to do anything to get to the truth. Zone Livre 

A historical thriller full of references, action and scenes that should remain for a moment in your memory, flirting at times with uchronia and steampunk, but very skilfully using the very tense political and international context that prevailed in France just before the Great War. Appuyer sur la touche “lecture”

A dark and poisonous crime novel set in the Paris underworld at the beginning of the twentieth century, where we come across Gaston Leroux and other colorful characters. A captivating, bloody novel that will remind readers of Caleb Carr’s The Alienist.

Here Dominique Maisons takes a new approach, abandoning the ultra-contemporary style of his last thriller for an atmospheric crime novel unfolding in Paris in 1909…

Max Rochefort writes the most popular serial in the daily newspaper Le Matin. An audacious dandy, completely over the top, he has something of Alexandre Dumas (or some other gargantuan writer) about him.

Flanked by a possessive housekeeper and a young assistant, Giovanni Riva, who dreams of becoming a great journalist, Max Rochefort rules over a writing workshop of three. Giovanni soon falls under his charm.

But the best stories dreamed up by Max get mixed up with reality. During a party held at the Lake Enghein Hotel, a cardinal is found dead, horribly mutilated. Security rushes to the scene, and Max and Giovanni, assuming a defending role for the widow, orphan and a young maid accused of this terrible murder, are plunged into an investigation that will lead them from the capital’s underworld to its sparkling heights.

From the catacombs to the Sainte-Anne insane asylum, from the Opera Garnier to the theatres, from hot air balloon rides to the roar of a two seater 90 horsepower Bugatti, Max and Giovanni cross paths with famous characters: the editor Arthème Fayard, the writer Gaston Leroux, the aviation pioneer Louis Paulhan, the alienist Alfred Binet… to gather around them a league of extraordinary gentlemen.

Not forgetting Dominique Maisons’ penchant and talent for the darkest, bloodiest and most grotesque of scenes…

Strong Points

  • The Predators’ Ball (Le Festin des fauves) shortlisted for Best French Novel at the Cognac Crime Fiction Festival 2016 (awarded next October).
  • The Predators’ Ball (Le Festin des fauves), Dominique Maisons’ previous novel, was acclaimed by crime fiction bloggers: ‘a page-turner easily competing with the darkest of Thilliez and Chattam’s work’; ‘Dominique Maisons is incredibly talented. The world of the thriller has a new pretender to the throne!’
  • VSD Thriller Prize for The Psychopomp (Le Psychopompe, Les Nouveaux auteurs, re-released by Pocket as The Soul Thiefs [Les violets d’âme]): 20,000 copies sold, all editions.
  • As an official guest for the 2016 edition of the ‘Quais du polar’ along with the biggest names, Dominique Maisons appeared at many festivals all over France: the Festival du Chien Jaune in Concarneau, The Mines noires in Noeux-les-Mines,Week-end noir in Neuilly-Plaisance, and more.