This Love Will Be a Disaster

Original title: Questo amore sarà un disastro

Author: Premoli, Anna

Publication Date:

October 2019



Original language and publisher

Italian | Newton Compton Editori

Territories Handled

English (North America), Netherlands

Territories Sold

Serbia (Vulkan)


Commercial Fiction

This Love Will Be a Disaster

Original title: Questo amore sarà un disastro

Author: Premoli, Anna


“Once again Anna Premoli is confirmed as a great writer. One of the reasons is because her writing is full of interesting dialogues, animated by psychologically well-defined characters to whom one can only be fond of and love.”

“THIS LOVE WILL BE A DISASTER besides from being a brilliant comedy about love, it makes us reflect on the world of finance and today’s economy in which women are undervalued. To demonstrate their skills, they must work twice as much as their male colleagues and struggle with determination every day.”

“This time Premoli narrates the events also from the male point of view revealing a particular ability, sensitivity and knowledge of the human soul.”

“An exciting and amusing story full of suspense, twists and turns that involves Edoardo Gustani, a golden boy of finance and Elena Longo, one of the members of the family that has managed for years the pharmaceutical company Health Green and founder of an innovative holistic center. Elena is an intelligent, determined and courageous woman and Edoardo will have to deal with so many unexpected events that will change his plans and projects.”

A ruthless, cynical banker is forced to negotiate with the heir of a family of entrepreneurs who refuses to back down. Ambitious Edoardo Gustani is a financial golden boy, an expert on mergers and acquisitions, who wants to take over the majority stake in Health Green, a company in the business of supplements and
organic products, and now in trouble following some rash decisions by its last managing director. To seal the takeover deal, Guastani must convince the members of the Longo family, who have owned the company for generations. There is only one real obstacle to overcome: winning the approval of Elena, the granddaughter of the company’s three elderly shareholders.

Elena walked away from the company when her brother was chosen over her as managing director. She made a fresh start and opened a holistic retreat where people can get away from the daily chaos and unwind. Edoardo, who is used to getting his way, cannot believe that Elena refuses to be won over by his arguments. Losing is not in his DNA. He decides to spend a few days at Elena’s retreat. He is sure that he will be able to use his natural charm to reason with her. But events take a turn that even a businessman who is used to predicting and calculating everything could not imagine…

Set amongst the historic buildings of central Milan, home to some of Italy’s most prestigious offices, and in the green hills of Lombardy in northern Italy, this touching story will make you smile and reflect on the balance of life, poised between personal fulfilment and inner growth. A brilliant picture of the most obtrusive obsessions of our times: the industry of “wellness at all costs” and the craving for success and egotistical self- affirmation.

Marketing Information

  • English sample available
  • Winner of Premio Bancarella 2013
  • Over 20,000 copies sold. Anna Premoli: 500,000 copies sold in Italy