Love Is Always Late

Original title: L’amore è sempre in ritardo

Author: Premoli, Anna

Publication Date:

September 2018



Original language and publisher


Commercial Fiction

Love Is Always Late

Original title: L’amore è sempre in ritardo

Author: Premoli, Anna

  • 2 Seas Represents: Dutch rights
  • Winner of Premio Bancarella 2013
  •  Anna Premoli: 500,000 copies sold in Italy

Anna Premoli is Italy’s number 1 romance novelist — Elle

Anna Premoli brings an international flavour to this Italian romance for our time — La Repubblica

Sparks fly from the very beginning! — Cosmopolitan


They say that you never forget your first love, and that first love is a sweet memory that will raise a smile in anyone. But not for Alexandra Tyler. Norman Morrison: he unceremoniously rejected her after she had spent her entire adolescence courting him with terrible rhyming love letters.

The very sight of him – even now that she is a grown woman finishing a Ph.D. in Geology at Columbia University – puts her in a bad mood. Norman works as a literary agent and lives in New York, and unfortunately Alexandra has to see him often, because he is best friends with her brother Aidan, a successful writer.

The two barely speak to each other because, according to Alexandra, all her romantic disasters have one name and one cause: Norman.

Forced to share the same house for a few days when they are trapped by an unexpected snowstorm, the pair call a sort of truce. For her, confronting the past will be an enjoyable challenge, for him the opportunity to confess some deep and distant wounds.

L’amore è sempre in ritardo is a lively, romantic comedy that asks intelligent questions about feelings and memories: can our first love survive for eighteen years and become reality?

Anna Premoli was born in Sisak, Croatia, and lives in Milan. She has worked at J.P. Morgan and, since 2004, for a private bank. Mathematics has always been her strong point; writing came by chance, as an “anti-stress method” during her pregnancy. Ti prego lasciati odiare (Newton Compton, 2013) won the Premio Bancarella and the film rights have been bought by Colorado Film. She published with Newton Compton Come inciampare nel principe azzurro (2013), Tutti i difetti che amo di te (2014), Un giorno perfetto per innamorarsi (2015), L’amore non è mai una cosa semplice (2015), È solo una storia d’amore (2016), L’importanza di chiamarti amore (2016), Un imprevisto chiamato amore (2017), and Non ho tempo per amarti (2018).