The Ogre's Daughter

Original title: La fille de l’ogre

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August 2022



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French | Les Escales

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Historical Fiction

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The Ogre's Daughter

Original title: La fille de l’ogre


An excellent fictionalized work, enriched with iconographic documents, which teaches us more about this woman with a shattering destiny than a simple biography. — La Marseillaise

Impossible not to be moved by this book, which sheds light on a woman in the shadows. — Le Journal du Centre

Catherine Bardon has a sense of portraiture and the art of blending the story of an individual fate into the noria of collective human adventures. — La Provence

The story of the dictator’s daughter is also the universal story of a woman who is looking for love all her life. — L’Avenir Belgique (interview)

I had an incredible time! Catherine Bardon is a wonderful storyteller. storyteller. — Sud Radio

An allegory of the Dominican people during the dictatorship. A novel as painful as it is beautiful. — Le Tarn Libre

A magnificent novel about the shocking fate of the daughter of one of the most sinister dictators that the earth has ever borne. — Ici Paris

Thanks to her nervous writing, extremely neat and incisive, Catherine Bardon tells us this terrible and upsetting destiny, that of Flor de Oro Trujillo, who will spend her life running away from her condition as a woman under control, alternating between a harmful marriage and exile from Nazi Germany to the United States. — Radio Nostalgie Belgique

We are carried away by this hymn to the desire for freedom of a woman with an imprisoned destiny. —Télé Loisirs and Télé 2 semaines

The poignant story of a young woman in search of love and freedom. Exciting. — Maxi

We discover the chaotic destiny of a woman who, all her life, has suffered the brunt of men’s violence but who has never stopped fighting to free herself from their grip. – Le Parisien

The moving portrait of a woman in love with freedom, whose destiny is marred by tragedy. Fiction and historical reality intertwine to reveal the little-known story of Flor de Oro Trujillo, daughter of the terrible and bloody dictator of the Dominican Republic.

1915. Flor de Oro was born in San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic. Her father, a crook turned military man, aims for nothing less than being head of state. He is determined to make his daughter a cultured and sophisticated woman who lives up to his own ambition. So she left her family to attend a boarding school in France, the most exclusive secondary school for young girls in the country.

When her father takes power, Flor de Oro returns to her island and meets the man who will become her first husband, Porfirio Rubirosa, a louche playboy, half gigolo, half diplomat-spy, whom she marries at seventeen. But Trujillo, only master after God, intends to control his daughter’s life. She must obey him like all the Dominicans who have to submit to the Jefe, this bloodthirsty dictator.

Marked by the hold of these two men with their noxious love, from marriages to exiles, from Nazi Germany to the United States, from grace to disgrace, Flor de Oro will struggle all her life to free herself from their yoke.

Marketing Information

  • By the author of the saga Les Déracinés: half a million copies sold, 7 literary prizes, a huge bestseller.
  • Catherine Bardon has been spending her time between France and the Dominican Republic for many years.
  • An ActuaLitté favorite of the rentrée littéraire 2022.
  • With period photographs.

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