A Woman on Her Feet

Original title: Une femme debout

Author: Bardon, Catherine

Publication Date:

January 2024



Original language and publisher

French | Les Escales

Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. French


Historical Fiction

A Woman on Her Feet

Original title: Une femme debout

Author: Bardon, Catherine


About La Fille de l’ogre:

I didn’t read it, I devoured it […] we revisit the century, we’re thrilled by this woman, who is both sad and admirable. — France info TV

Catherine Bardon has a flair for portraiture and the art of blending the tale of an individual destiny into the noria of collective human adventures.La Provence

An excellent fictionalized account, enriched with iconographic documents, which tells us more about this woman with a shattering destiny than a simple biography. — La Marseillaise

I had an incredible time! Catherine Bardon is a formidable storyteller. — Sud Radio

The extraordinary story of Sonia Pierre, a human rights activist who made her life a struggle.

Sonia Pierre was born in 1963 in the Dominican Republic to Haitian parents. A bright child, she grew up in a batey, a sugarcane-cutting camp, and very quickly developed a strong political conscience, witnessing the treatment meted out to Dominicans of Haitian origin. After becoming a lawyer, she spent her entire life fighting for the rights of children born to Haitian parents who had no legal existence in the Dominican Republic.

Catherine Bardon, a fine connoisseur of the Dominican Republic, retraces the incredible journey of this exceptional woman.

A powerful and necessary novel.

Marketing Information

  • By the author of the Les Déracinés saga: half a million copies sold, 8 literary awards, a huge bestseller.
  • The portrait of a strong, committed woman.
  • After La Fille de l’ogre, a new novelized biography.
  • A well-documented novel that sheds light on a complex migratory situation.

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