A Woman on Her Feet

Original title: Une femme debout

Publication Date:

January 2024



Original language and publisher

French | Les Escales

Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. French

Territories Sold

English (World) (under option)
Italy (under option)


Historical Fiction

Number of copies sold:

23,000 in print

A Woman on Her Feet

Original title: Une femme debout


In this biographical fiction novel, Catherine Bardon draws the portrait of Sonia Pierre, a Haitian activist, numerously rewarded – especially internationally – for defending the rights of the Haitian population and their Dominican Republican descendants. — Libération

‘A Woman on Her Feet’ tells the story of Sonia Pierre, who was born in a camp for sugar cane cutters […] [and] becomes aware of the inhumane way these immigrated workers are treated […]. [Thus, she] she fights to defend [these] children’s rights […]. Her life is a powerful narrative. — Le Soir

After the series ‘Les Déracinés’, Catherine Bardon wields her pen to denounce this humanitarian disaster. — Avantages

Catherine Bardon seduces with her attention to detail. The ease with which she makes the creole language accessible, without translating it, bears witness to her immersion in the subject. — Lire Magazine Littéraire

A gripping plea for solidarity and fraternity, ‘A Woman on Her Feet’ is a strong and terribly human(e) novel. — France Dimanche

Catherine Bardon introduces an extraordinary woman with impressive courage, moving generosity and limitless self-sacrifice. — Librairie La Griffe Noire, Gérard Collard

In her new novel, Catherine Bardon shines a light on Sonia Pierre’s life, an unappreciated human rights activist. — L’avenir

A powerful story reminding us of so many more fights yet to come. — Flair

The extraordinary story of Sonia Pierre, a human rights activist who made her life a struggle.

Sonia Pierre was born in 1963 in the Dominican Republic to Haitian parents. A bright child, she grew up in a batey, a sugarcane-cutting camp, and very quickly developed a strong political conscience, witnessing the treatment meted out to Dominicans of Haitian origin. After becoming a lawyer, she spent her entire life fighting for the rights of children born to Haitian parents who had no legal existence in the Dominican Republic.

Catherine Bardon, a fine connoisseur of the Dominican Republic, retraces the incredible journey of this exceptional woman.

A powerful and necessary novel.

Marketing Information

  • By the author of the Les Déracinés saga: half a million copies sold, 8 literary awards, a huge bestseller.
  • The portrait of a strong, committed woman.
  • After La Fille de l’ogre, a new novelized biography.
  • A well-documented novel that sheds light on a complex migratory situation.