Almah - A Viennese Youth

Original title: Almah – Une Jeunesse Viennoise

Publication Date:

October 2024



Original language and publisher

French | Les Escales

Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. French

Almah - A Viennese Youth

Original title: Almah – Une Jeunesse Viennoise


The author’s The Uprooted saga has so far sold over 600,000 copies in France. Now you can discover the Viennese youth of its unforgettable heroine, Almah.

Vienna, 1911. Almah Kahn was born into a Jewish upper-middle-class family. Her father, a renowned surgeon and great art lover, was a patron who rubbed shoulders with the greatest artists of the time. Her mother, Hannah, a talented pianist, treated her spleen with Freud, of whom she was one of the first patients.

At the heart of the cultural ferment that attracts the European intelligentsia to Vienna, Almah is moving towards adulthood. She grew up in an Austria terribly scarred by war, the fall of the House of Habsburg and the dislocation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Meanwhile, Nazism extends its shadow over Europe…

Through Almah’s childhood and youth, her friendships and her first loves, Catherine Bardon paints a picture of a Vienna which is casting its last lights in an Austria on the brink of the abyss, victim of the upheavals of History. An intimate, powerful and polished coming-of-age novel.

Marketing Information

  • The long-awaited prequel to The Uprooted, with phenomenal success: more than 600,000 copies sold of “the series that transports us” (Olivia de Lamberterie, ELLE)!
  • Catherine Bardon is a confirmed author,  a “terrific storyteller” (Sud Radio), close to her readers and whose “sense of portraiture and the art of blending the story of an individual destiny into the ferris wheel of collective human adventures” (La Provence) were praised by critics.