The Dark Creatures

Author: Stone, Ella

Publication Date:

August 2021



Original language and publisher

English (UK)


Territories Handled

World excl. English


Fantasy, Young Adult

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The Dark Creatures

Author: Stone, Ella


If you love your urban fantasy to include found family fun, a little romance and a fierce kick-ass heroine ready to burn down the world to get the job done, then look no further.

A vampire killed my father. I thought avenging him would be the end of it. Turns out it was just the beginning. Peeling back the veil of the supernatural, I unearth a hidden past that compels me to confront my true nature. The startling discovery paints a chilling picture: a nefarious entity threatens to enslave humankind.

I am Narissa, and I invite you to journey with me from the pulsing heart of London to the enigmatic Scottish highlands, through the mystic corners of Eastern Europe and down to the sun-drenched South of France.

This is the Dark Creatures Collection—an odyssey of suspense, friendship, and deception. Will you stand beside me and my ragtag band in defense of our species, against an enemy that lurks in the shadowy corners of our world? It’s more than a fight for survival—it’s a fight for our freedom.

1. Dark Creatures – August 2021 – 224 pp.

People think I’m crazy, but a vampire killed my father and I will stop at nothing to prove it.

Finding evidence that my father’s death was more than a tragic accident isn’t without risk. To start with, I have to lie to my best friend, steal classified information and infiltrate the Vampire Council.

And that’s all so I can offer myself up as a snack to one of these monsters.

But monster or not, when I see a chance for an ally, I have to throw caution to the wind. I need him to find the truth, whatever the cost.

With my past chasing me down dark alleys, a fugitive witch by my side, and an explosive family secret lying in wait, my quest for justice quickly becomes a race for survival.

Join Narissa today and rally behind her as she takes on a vicious and deadly enemy in this thrilling tale of friendship, betrayal, and the supernatural.

2. Dark Destiny – September 2021 – 332 pp.

Having finally discovered her true nature and escaped from the clutches of the Vampire Council, Narissa finds herself immediately thrust into a new and dangerous world.

Her new family is hesitant and suspicious, especially as she has Calin in tow. With revelations about her heritage and the traditions of her people coming at her thick and fast, she increasingly turns to Calin for support.

Unfortunately, things are not all they seem, and as two supernatural worlds threaten to collide, it is hard to know exactly who can be trusted.

Will Narissa’s instinct lead her down the right path? Or will her very presence bring destruction upon them all.

3. Dark Deception – October 2021 – 222 pp.

Life in the shadows might just be the death of them.
As Naz and Oliver find themselves on the run in mainland Europe their friendship is put to the test like never before. With vampires on their tail, they are forced to keep a low profile, but when desperate times call for desperate measures they find themselves embroiled in an underground fight ring.

Will their illegal pursuits help them out of a tight spot, or will it bring them unwanted attention?

Meanwhile, Calin and the wolf pack are forced to deal with the fallout from Juliette’s betrayal, but where does Calin stand with Polidori and what is the mysterious ‘uprising’ that is being whispered about in the shadows?

4. Dark Redemption – December 2021 – 268 pp.

A witch, a vampire and a werewolf walk into a dungeon…

Desperate to help Rey, and with the introduction of friends new and old, Naz is forced to make some tough decisions about who she can depend on.

As events unfold and leave her with no choice but to embark on a suicidal mission deep into the very heart of the enemy, Naz knows the wrong decision might just get her and everyone else killed.

5. Dark Reckoning – January 2022 – 240 pp.

It is time for Narissa and her ragtag band of witches and wolves to go head to head with the Vampire Council.

While Polidori might seemingly be holding all the cards at the moment, Narissa is preparing to take back the whole pack.

Whatever happens you can be assured it will be action-packed and emotional as a secret war for the future of humanity plays out amongst the dark creatures of the world.

The high-octane climax to the Dark Creatures Saga will blow you away.

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