The Bloodsucker’s Blog (trilogy)

Author: Stone, Ella

Publication Date:

July 2022



Original language and publisher

English (UK)


Territories Handled

World excl. English


Fantasy, Young Adult

The Bloodsucker’s Blog (trilogy)

Author: Stone, Ella


A perfect series for those who enjoy their urban fantasy a little tongue-in-cheek.

Dive into Ryn’s hilarious and thrilling journey in this paranormal romance where Twilight meets Sherlock with a dash of Bridget Jones.

Follow Ryn as she copes with the reality of being forever seventeen after an accident on a family day out leaves her as a vampire. Doing what all self-respecting teens do, she resorts to social media. Despite her self-imposed social exile, Ryn soon amasses an army of loyal followers. Unfortunately, social proof is no defense against revenge-hungry vampires, overprotective parents, and a blood shortage.

1. Life Sucks – July 2022 – 304 pp.

Forever seventeen. Vampire Ryn just got voted ‘most likely to kill’.

After being turned into a vampire at seventeen, Ryn has been living a life that makes the phrase ‘staying in’ take on a whole new meaning. For seven years, she’s been cooped up at home with her parents, binging on Netflix and stolen blood bags.

When a crisis in her food supply forces her back into the world, she decides to blog about it because, hey, who wouldn’t want to read about the anxieties of a teenage vampire?

During her first outing she bumps into Noah, her ex-boyfriend’s younger brother. No longer the dorky kid she remembered, he’s now drop-dead handsome and suddenly, she’s not just hungry for blood.

But as she’s navigating the dangerous waters. Three murders rock their small town, and guess who’s the prime suspect?

Now, Ryn must juggle a budding romance, a murder accusation, and an uncanny connection to the real killer. Can she catch the murderer before her followers form a stake-wielding mob at her door and the killer targets those closer to home?

2. Love Bites – September 2022 – 312 pp.

Ryn is back.

And for a hot minute life no longer sucks. She has a boyfriend, a reliable blood supply, and she and her brother, Glen, are starting afresh at university.

But as Glen struggles to come to terms with recent events, Merrewyn is shocked to find that her new professor is someone she knows intimately.

And if all that wasn’t enough, add to that her sneaking suspicion that she is not the only vampire enrolled at the university, and this one seems more interested in bloodlines than deadlines.

Never mind surviving university life, at this rate, can Ryn even survive Fresher’s Week?

3. Lost Souls – December 2022 – 292 pp.

The hunt is on.

Ryn is desperately trying to come to terms with her recent decisions. In the fallout from the previous explosive events she finds solace in not one, but two unlikely sources.

Unfortunately, no sooner has she started to rediscover a semblance of normality than she finds herself in the crosshairs of a mysterious vampire hunter.

Can Ryn save herself and those she loves? Or will her immortality bear a fatal price?

The Bloodsucker’s Blog reaches its thrilling and emotional conclusion in this final installment.

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