Stone, Ella


The first books I ever fell in love with were fantasy books and I can still remember the excitement I found in staying up late, rereading my favourite chapters of The Magic Faraway Tree and the Borrowers hoping I wouldn’t get caught up after my bedtime.

As I grew older, there were the Point Horror stories and obviously that time in my life when I discovered Harry Potter. My mum had bought the book home from her school (she was a teacher), and left it on the staircase. I picked it up with the intention of reading a couple of pages, but when the rest of my family found me that evening I was still sitting on the staircase. The next day I went and used the money I had saved to buy the second and third book — unfortunately I had to wait for the next one!

Now I read whatever I can get my hands on and I’ll often be found attempting to hide in our very tiny house so that I can read just one more chapter of whatever book I’m currently on, but it’s fair to say, fantasy is always there at the centre of my heart. I love strong characters, real characters with human flaws who make human mistakes, but battle on through them. I love characters who change their weakness into strength and use their compassion to fight. I love writing stories, just like I love reading them, and I’ve very much hoping you find a little bit of escapism in my corner of the world.