The Art of Failing Big

Original title: L’arte di sbagliare alla grande

Author: Galiano, Enrico

Publication Date:

August 2020



Original language and publisher

Italian | Garzanti

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia, World English


Narrative Non-Fiction, Parenting, Young Adult

The Art of Failing Big

Original title: L’arte di sbagliare alla grande

Author: Galiano, Enrico


“A Dead poets society type of teacher.”-  Massimo Gramellini

Book by book, Enrico Galiano has become an idol to his readers. There is no-one who can talk to adolescents and adults alike using the universal language of emotions.

Who was it said it’s not that we make so many mistakes in our lives, it’s that we always make the same one, over and over again? Because our mistakes say so much more about us than we think they do: about our history, what we used to be like, what we’ve become. Yet, especially when we’re kids – at school, at home, even with our friends – failing has become a sort of taboo.

With sincerity and courage, Enrico Galiano has decided for the first time to debunk the myth of perfection and reveal all the mistakes and dodgy choices he’s made. From the seemingly little ones, like when he threw away the chance of going out with the girl of his dreams, to the most tremendous, like the night he was nearly arrested. The bad marks he got, the ones he gave, the forgivable and unforgivable mistakes, and how all this made him the man he is today. Because there’s no doubt about it, failing can cause wounds that take years to heal and leave indelible marks in our souls. But it’s necessary, to find out who we are, to live a full life, to really find our own path.

Enrico Galiano is one of Italy’s most widely read and best-loved writers. His exceptional sensitivity enables him to give voice to the dreams and expectations of today’s adults and adolescents better than anyone else. And in this new book, he offers both to kids and to all those – parents, educators and teachers – who have their futures at heart, the renewed awareness that any mistake is none other than a stage in that adventurous and passionate search for ourselves that is life itself. Reminding us that, if we really want to grow, then the main thing we must learn to do is to fail.

Marketing Information

  • Over 30,000 copies sold
  • Under option: Netherlands