Marching. Women in the Public Sphere

Original title: Présentes

Author: Bastide, Lauren

Publication Date:

September 2020



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Essay, Politics, Society

Marching. Women in the Public Sphere

Original title: Présentes

Author: Bastide, Lauren


Lauren Bastide delivers an ode to feminist revolutions, […] a manifesto dedicated to all those voices that are underrepresented, discriminated against, and discredited. — Clément Arbrun, Terra Femina

This striking and intimate manifesto denounces the invisibility of women in the public space. — Hortense de Montalivet, Huffpost

An indispensable manifesto that helps us to better understand the issues at stake in the struggles for women’s rights. — Adèle Bréau, Marie-Claire

Necessary reading that allows for an inversion of the balance of power. Going beyond mere facts and figures, Lauren Bastide carries out a solid analysis — not without a touch of humor. Reading this essay is a militant act, a political power grab. Reading this essay leads all readers to reclaim their space and their history. — Marthe Chalard-Malgorn, Maze Magazine

An extremely well-documented feminist manifesto.

“Being visible. Walking down the street without being afraid. Expressing our opinions loud and clear. That’s what society keeps women and minorities from doing. And that is this book’s agenda.

To men holding the reins, if you want to solve the problem, feminist academics and activists have already done the heavy lifting for you. The mechanisms have been identified, solutions exist. It’s all there. The only thing that’s missing is your determination.

And each and every day, we can see that it is non-existent. The idea of living in a world in which women would truly be equal to men clearly doesn’t appeal to you all that much.” L.B.

With Présentes, Lauren Bastide has written an extremely well-documented feminist manifesto, fuelled by reflections from the most inspiring activists of the #MeToo generation. A book to put in everyone’s hands in order to better understand today’s new feminist and antiracist political struggles.

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