Kim Maxwell series

Author: Green, Hilary

Publication Date:

September 2022



Original language and publisher

English | Joffe Books

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia


Crime & Thrillers, Historical Fiction

Kim Maxwell series

Author: Green, Hilary


For readers of Victoria Hislop, Tania Crosse, Anthony Doerr, Nadine Dorries, Anna Stuart, Natalie Meg Evans, Dinah Jefferies, and Fiona Valpy.

OPERATION LIGHTNING BOLT (Book 1, September 2022)

  • #76 Amazon Australia

Hampshire, 1943.

Kim Maxwell has been languishing in the ‘cooler’ in what she sees as punishment for getting caught — and tortured — by the Nazis, before being freed by Resistance fighters and smuggled back into England. Now she is sent for by the head of SOE. This is her chance to prove herself.

A fellow agent has been found murdered. It would seem that Lilian Harvey heard something she shouldn’t have and that her murder was a warning. Setting out to uncover the culprit, Kim spots a strange zigzag pattern on the wall above the bed where the body was found, which Lilian drew using her own blood as she lay dying.

Before Kim knows it, she uncovers evidence that there exists a dark society working in the shadows and she realizes the Nazis are not England’s only enemy.

When she meets the mysterious yet captivating Roland, aka Red Fox, they embark on a mission to solve the murder — all the while being drawn to each other and further into trouble. But in order to expose this dangerous web of deceit, Kim must go back into the heart of occupied France — and into the hands of the enemy…

OPERATION FORTITUDE (Book 2, August 2023)

France, 1944.

Agent Kim Maxwell has a new mission. She’s investigating the death of Bernard Leblanc, a local SOE leader. It looks like an accident, but Kim knows better…

Her HQ is the Bistro Le Renard Rouge. The Red Fox. And the chef is none other than her lover and fellow agent Roland, AKA Foxy.

But the Bistro soon attracts the custom of high-ranking German officers. Now Kim and Foxy are surrounded by the enemy, hiding in plain sight. Then Kim hears whispers of a code name: Enthaupten. Beheading. What are the Nazis planning? It’s up to her to dig up the truth. But the Nazis’ plot goes deeper than she could have ever imagined. They plan to murder the King of England, and they’re closing in…

Surrounded by spies and double agents, Kim doesn’t know who to trust. She must use all of her wits to outsmart the plotters. The entire war effort is at stake should she fail…

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