Original title: Connemara

Author: Mathieu, Nicolas

Publication Date:

February 2022



Original language and publisher

French | Actes Sud

Territories Handled

Netherlands, North America, Scandinavia

Territories Sold

Norway (Gyldendal)
Germany (Hanser Berlin)
Italy (Marsilio)
Spanish (World) (Alianza)


Original title: Connemara

Author: Mathieu, Nicolas


Hélène will soon turn 40. She was born in a small town in the east of France. She was successful academically and now has a good career, two daughters, and lives in an architect-designed house in the hills of Nancy. She has achieved the dream both of her adolescence and of the glossy pages of the magazines: leaving her humble origins behind and making a success of her life.

And yet she feels a lack of fulfilment – the years have passed without living up to her expectations.

As for Christophe, he has just turned 40 and has never left his little corner of France where he grew up with Hélène. He’s no longer so handsome as he used to be and has led an unassuming life, giving priority to his mates and to partying, and putting off until tomorrow the big efforts and life-altering decisions. These days, he is selling dog food, dreaming of playing hockey again like he did when he was 16, and living with his father and son – a quiet, indecisive little existence. He could be seen as having failed in life.

And yet he has a cast-iron belief that anything is still possible.

Connemara is the story of a return to one’s roots, of a relationship, and of an attempt to make a life as a couple in a France that is changing fast. And above all, it is a tale of coming to terms with the illusions of one’s youth, of a second chance, and of a love that persists in spite of separation in a country singing along to Sardou that is soon going to vote against itself.

Marketing Information

Under option in Albania, Arabic, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Netherlands, UK, US, Greece, Hungary, South Korea, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine, and Vietnam.