To Bring Philosophy Back Down to Earth

Original title: Pour que la philosophie descende du ciel

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February 2017



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To Bring Philosophy Back Down to Earth

Original title: Pour que la philosophie descende du ciel


“Alexandre Lacroix invites the reader with brio to a descent of philosophy on the solid ground of experience.” Libération

“Alexandre Lacroix brings to life the notions of philosophy based on lived experiences.” — LCI, Au Fil des mots

“The texts, without stiff poses or anything that weighs them down, are pleasantly enjoyable.” — Le Canard Enchaîné

“Loving the ideas, giving them form by making them sound and stumble into their own existence.” — Philosophie Magazine

“Epiphanies spring from this ‘biosophic’ exercise. Alexandre Lacroix invites the reader to live every moment as a new occasion to think.” — L’Humanité

Twenty-four centuries after the death of Socrates, it is time for everyone to stop acting like ideas are some kind of intimidating celestial beings. To get over the idea that the great philosophical notions are floating over our heads somewhere beyond our grasp or that they belong to a discrete, inaccessible reality.

Philosophizing shouldn’t be reserved to specialists and scholars. It isn’t learned from textbooks only – on the contrary: it is first and foremost an act of thought that is accessible to everyone, as long as we trust our own judgment and make the effort to consider our own condition.

Drawing on that conviction, Alexandre Lacroix explores themes such as desire, courage, history, eroticism, nature, language, aging, God and more…

Starting systematically from an actual experience, a striking dream, a conversation with friends, a memory of a person who has passed away, a landscape or even a toothache, he shows that, far from being abstract constructions, ideas generally spring from a concrete connection to the world. And that more than just a school subject, philosophy is in fact an emanation of life.

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