How Can We Avoid Being Slaves to the System

Original title: Comment ne pas être esclave du système

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April 2021



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Philosophy, Society

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How Can We Avoid Being Slaves to the System

Original title: Comment ne pas être esclave du système


“Alexandre Lacroix analyzes in his latest book the change in modernity that has taken place with the digital revolution and suggests a way to better manage the tensions it generates” — Mathieu Colinet, Le Soir

“A fascinating book, a philosophical path to follow in order to avoid the excesses of the 21st century”— RTBF La Première

“A fascinating book for its description of our time, that of connected modernity, networks, the confusion of true and false, private and public. ” — Ali Baddou, France Inter

In a breviary for youth, Alexandre Lacroix exposes his way of combining the ideal with utilitarianism and reconciling nature and technology. — J-R Van der Plaetsen, Le Figaro Magazine

More and more of us are dreaming of breaking out of the system and of the constant, omnipresent insistence on maximizing profits that is wreaking havoc on both society and the planet. But breaking with the dominant lifestyle demands sacrifices that few of us are willing to actually make. Is there a path in between adhering completely and escaping it all?

Yes, there is, according to Alexandre Lacroix. He delves to the roots of our unease, revealing the logic behind our connected modernity, a world in which self-employment, remote work, and alternative facts spreading across social media are erasing the border between the public and private spheres, work time and leisure time, exploiter and exploited, truth and falsehood.

Laying bare the mechanism gives everyone new points of reference, and allows us to cut ourselves some slack. By freeing ourselves from the dominant utilitarianism, by establishing a non-negotiable ideal that will guide our acts, it is possible to take back the reins of our own lives.

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