Learning to Make Love

Original title: Apprendre à faire l’amour

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May 2022



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Learning to Make Love

Original title: Apprendre à faire l’amour


Alexandre Lacroix’s mission is to invent an art of the erotic of our time. He suggests, in all simplicity, a new sexual revolution. — Madame Figaro

Like Socrates in search of the definition of the good life, Alexandre Lacroix offers us the philosophical description of a good sexual relationship. And it is stimulating. — Marie Claire

A lively ode to sexual freedom, equality and imaginativeness between consenting adults, without excessive morals or demagoguery, in keeping with the times. A delightful book from a male author. Dorothée Werner, ELLE

The book defends an eroticism that is free from conventional norms, from the obligation to transform oneself into beasts or things. Philiosophie Magazine

It is funny, profound, impudent and clever. — Le Point

A very insightful book. — France Inter

No value judgement here, rather an invitation to reflect on the gestures we perform too mechanically, to find a more intense pleasure. His goal? To live sexuality as an aesthetic in order to question the consumerist vision that dominates and to get out of the limited schema “foreplay, penetration, orgasm”, promoted by mainstream porn. A single watchword: let’s swing! — Libération

How should we be making love in the age of porn? The philosopher Alexandre Lacroix suggests an art of eroticism for our time.

The classic treatises on the erotic arts, like the Kama Sutra and The Tao of Sex, are outdated. Tied to cultural traditions unlike our own, they’re not very useful in practical terms. So the question is, how can we—without tipping into Puritanism—detach ourselves from the porn model that has contaminated our sexuality, in order to achieve higher-quality pleasure? In other words, in the 21st century, what would a truly satisfying and accomplished sexual relationship look like?

In order to find out, Alexandre Lacroix presents short chapters, each of which offers a lesson about one facet or aspect of making love. Neither straitlaced nor moralizing, he doesn’t try to elude anything, addressing issues like preliminaries, rhythm, force of habit, changing positions, making noise, and orgasm, but always from a philosophical point of view. Drawing both on his own experience and on the writings of the great thinkers about sexuality and love, he discourses on a new type of method. The art of eroticism for our time.

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