Athena’s Child

Author: Lynn, Hannah

Publication Date:

September 2023



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English (UK) | Sourcebooks Landmark


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World excl. English

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Italy (Newton Compton)
Portugal (Presença)
Turkey (Eksik Parca)
Brazil (Excelsior)
Spanish (World) (Planeta Mexico)
Russia (Mann, Ivanov & Ferber)
Slovakia (Grada)


Historical Fiction

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  • 2020 Gold Medalist at the Independent Publishers Awards

Athena’s Child

Author: Lynn, Hannah


The story of Medusa, history’s most infamous monster—and the men who made her into one.

For readers of Madeleine Miller and Claire Heywood comes the story of the most infamous monster of Greek mythology: Medusa.

First, they loved her. Then, they abused her. Finally, they made her a villain.

Gifted and burdened with stunning beauty, young Medusa seeks sanctuary with the Goddess Athena. But when she catches the eye of the lecherous but mighty Poseidon, she is beyond protection. Powerful men rarely answer for their actions, after all.

Meanwhile, Perseus embarks on a seemingly impossible quest, equipped with only bravado and determination…
Medusa and Perseus soon become pawns of spiteful and selfish gods. Faced with the repercussions of Athena’s wrath, blamed for her assault, Medusa has no choice but to flee and hide. But can she do so without becoming the monster they say she is?