Daughters of Olympus

Author: Lynn, Hannah

Publication Date:

July 2024



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English (UK) | Sourcebooks Landmark


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World excl. English

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Italy (Newton Compton)
Turkey (under option)
Brazil (under option)
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Historical Fiction

Daughters of Olympus

Author: Lynn, Hannah


A daughter pulled between two worlds and a mother willing destroy both to protect her… Gods and men wage their petty wars, but it is the women of spring who will have the last word.

Demeter did not always live in fear. Once, the goddess of spring loved the world and the humans who inhabited it. After a devastating assault, though, she becomes a shell of herself. Her only solace is her daughter, Persephone.

A balm to her mother’s pain, Persephone grows among wildflowers, never leaving the sanctuary Demeter built for them. But she aches to explore the mortal world—to gain her own experiences. Naïve but determined, she secretly builds a life of her own under her mother’s watchful gaze. But as she does so, she catches the eye of Hades, and is kidnapped…

Forced into a role she never wanted, Persephone learns that power suits her. In the land of the living, though, Demeter is willing to destroy the humans she once held dear—anything to protect her family. A mother who has lost everything and a daughter with more to gain than she ever realized, their story will irrevocably shape the world.