Kreier, Felix


After a career in Amsterdam as an operational team leader in the ICT branch for German-speaking countries, Felix made the switch to med school and started to study medicine at the University of Amsterdam. When he graduated with distinction, he decided to conduct scientific research first, before starting his residency.

He carried out his research in the famous Nederlands Herseninstituut (the Dutch Brain Research Centre). His study focuses on the influence of the brain, particularly the hypothalamus, on adipose tissue. The results of his research have been published in leading international journals, and have won multiple awards. Besides, his research resulted in his thesis: Autonomic Nervous Inner Action of White Adipose Tissue. This thesis was awarded the title of best thesis in 2005, by the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam. After having finished his thesis, Felix remains involved in brain science, and takes part in studies concerning excess weight and obesity. In 2020, a scientific study will be published on the hypothalamus, in the series Handbook of Clinical Neurology. This book is published by Elsevier Publishers, and Felix is a co-editor, along with Dick Swaab and others.

In the meantime, Felix has trained as a pediatrician and starts work in the OLVG hospital in Amsterdam. To this day, he holds an outpatient clinic there for children with serious overweight, among other activities.

During this period, his interest in ICT resurfaces, in particular the ICT that is concerned with innovations in healthcare. He is appointed as the first Chief Medical Information Officer of the OLVG, and is co-founder of the national association of CMIOs. In this position, he is responsible for a major transition of the medical healthcare system in the largest non-academic hospital in the Netherlands. Apart from this, he assists and supervises projects in innovative healthcare. In 2019 Felix was co-editor of the book De dokter en digitalisering (The Doctor and Digitization), together with Iris Verberk-Jonkers. This book was published by Bohn Stafleu van Loghum.

Since 2017, he and his colleague Maarten Biezeveld have founded the House of Hamster. Together, they developed a unique method for sustainable weight loss, based on Felix’ previous findings during and after he conducted his brain research studies.