The Psychology of Stupidity

Original title: Psychologie de la connerie

Author: Marmion, Jean-François (ed.)

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October 2018



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Philosophy, Psychology

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The Psychology of Stupidity

Original title: Psychologie de la connerie

Author: Marmion, Jean-François (ed.)



“We need books like this one.” — Steven Pinker, psychology professor at Harvard

“I was totally hooked. Everybody loves it” — François Busnel, La Grande Librairie, France 5 TV 

“A very clever book”—  Yves Pagès, Le Canard enchaîné newspaper 

“Can you study stupidity? The answer is a resounding YES” — Yann Barthes, Le Quotidien, TMC TV 

“The birth of a new science: stupidology” — Nicolas Demorand

“Entertaining and instructive” — Mathieu Vidard, L’édito carré, France Inter 

“I’m particularly excited about the potential of THE PSYCHOLOGY OF STUPIDITY, having […] wanted to commission just such a book before I learned about Jean-François Marmion’s, which I found witty and, well, smart!” —John Siciliano, Executive Editor, Penguin Books and Penguin Classics

A world without stupid fools is possible!

Actually, no. Sorry.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t consider it.

With contributions of Nobel-Prize winner Daniel Kahneman, and further renowned international researchers and best-selling authors Dan Ariely, Boris Cyrulnik, Edgar Morin, Alison Gopnik and others!

Everybody knows about stupidity: we all have to put up with it every day. It’s a burden, a cross to bear. And yet psychologists, specialists in human behavior, have never tried to define it.

Understanding it better, the better to root it out, is the purpose of this book… even if we already know it’s a lost cause.

Psychiatrists and psychologists from around the world, as well as philosophers, sociologists and writers, offer us their point of view about human stupidity.

Which is a first.

It may also be a last, so don’t miss your chance!

Edited by Jean-François Marmion, Psychologist and editor-in-chief of the journal Le Cercle Psy

Contributors: Dan Ariely, Brigitte Axelrad, Laurent Bègue, Claudie Bert, Stacey Callahan, Jean-Claude Carrière, Serge Ciccotti, Jean Cottraux, Boris Cyrulnik, Antonio Damasio, Sebastian Dieguez, Jean-François Dortier, Pascal Engel, Howard Gardner, Nicolas Gauvrit, Alison Gopnik, Ryan Holiday, Aaron James, François Jost, Daniel Kahneman, Pierre Lemarquis, Jean-François Marmion, Patrick Moreau, Edgar Morin, Tobie Nathan, Delphine Oudiette, Emmanuelle Piquet, Pierre de Senarclens, Yves-Alexandre Thalmann.

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