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In the Wall (Nel muro)



Original Language: Italian | 275 pp. | November 2018

2 Seas Represents: Dutch rights.

Over 45,000 copies sold. In the Top 10 of the Italian bestsellerslist


Mauro Corona is back with a new story about pain and violence, where even his writing style is hard-hitting, unvarnished. Yet this novel is not an apology of hate, but rather an elegy of our fight against the hate growing inside us. – La Lettura

In a forest in the mountains of Northern Italy, a man finds a hut that belonged to his ancestors and decides to refurbish it. As he works, a single stroke of his pick changes his life forever. Opening up a wall cavity, he finds the mummified bodies of three women: their bones were engraved with signs, maybe letters from a mysterious and unknown alphabet. What is the story of the three women? Who hid them there? What terrible message are those letters trying to communicate? The man embarks on a search for the truth, while the three mummies begin to infest his thoughts and dreams, turning them into nightmares and hallucinations. Immersed in an untamed and powerful nature, visited by a doe who seems to know everything and tries to protect him, the protagonist is sucked into his own obsessions, starting to confuse present and past, reality and imagination, trapping himself in a spiral of delusions and delirium that seems to be the only way to reach the truth, truth that can lead, once and for all, to perdition or salvation. Or maybe both.

In the Wall is a literary tour de force: intense, exciting, moving, a novel that describes the majesty of nature and the wickedness of men. Mauro Corona constructs a nocturnal world of dark and twilight, combining a gothic and gloomy imagination with realistic situations and places, offering the reader a mix of terror and sweetness on each page.