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Avoiding Tolls (Eviter les péages)



Original Language: French | 200 pp. | May 2015

2 Seas Represents: World Excl French

Rights Sold: Germany (Hoffmann und Campe).

Over 5,000 copies sold

Full German translation available


An excellent novel about a mid-life crisis, told simply, efficiently and humorously. — Le Soir

A great success! — Metro

A novel that exposes men’s touching fragility. —Femmes d’aujourd’hui

A concentration of wanderings and flashes, touching sentences, formulas and references that deeply move us. —Elle

Continue, fall in love again, drop everything? You’ll find the answer in this auto-fictional debut novel that comes with a soundtrack. —Livres Hebdo

A likeable character, a brother-in-arms of those who are unhappy not to be making progress in life. —Moustique

A charming and pleasantly paced first novel. —Styles L’Express

The narrator is a taxi driver. He gave up his teenage dreams to build a nice, comfortable life, but two meetings will change everything.

One night Henry gets in his taxi. He asks to be picked up three times a week. Soon, Henry becomes his friend. One afternoon, at a café, Marie smiles at him and in that moment, the world takes on a new color. Until then, there had been the men and women he drove around in his taxi, who warmed his heart as they confided in him. At age thirty-eight, he thought he had played all his cards. Now he loves Marie and a small chasm opens under his feet. Do we have the right to a new start? How fragile we are, when passion overturns us.

The interior monologue of the narrator deeply moves us, since it describes a battle against the ravages of time and the feelings that are encurred in time’s passing. His sensual and heartfelt writing examines an issue that affects all of us at one time or another: does love deserve a second chance?



Germany (Hoffmann und Campe)